EventCENTRAL is a comprehensive event program management solution, offering event visibility, resource planning, communications, vendor management and budgeting—across your entire global event portfolio.

Event Intake
Opportunity Scoring
Event Planning
Reporting & Analytics
Supplier Database
Tasks and Timelines
Staff Scheduling
Resource Planning
Lead Capture
ROI & Metrics
Venue Database
Events Calendar
Portfolio Planning
EventCENTRAL at a Glance:
  •   Event Evaluation. Compare incoming event opportunities side-by-side, and activate only those that meet your defined ROI goals.
  • Resource Planning. Track event resources, estimate event requirements, analyze availability, schedule personnel and track progress against plan in real-time.
  • Budget Management. Improve the organization, management and reporting of your event budgets, by ensuring every event dollar is managed effectively.
  • Productivity. Drive processes improvement and workflow efficiencies by implementing best practices, frameworks and automated workflows in operations.
  • Transparency and Control. Share event plans and performance across teams and departments, with a ‘single source of truth’ for all event information.
  • Portfolio-Level Visibility. Manage every aspect of your global event portfolio, regardless of type and size, from a single customized dashboard.
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The EventCENTRAL Difference

Events Calendar
Create and maintain a central database of company events, and publish your global event calendar in the system, on the company Intranet, or publicly on your website as part of event promotion.
Strategy and Planning
Easily manage event requests and event intake, compare incoming event opportunities side-by-side, activate high-ROI events, and plan event-related activities across your entire global event portfolio.
Resource Planning
Manage your entire list of event vendors, suppliers, venues and event support personnel—and keep track of event attendance and participation by customers, partners and key competitors.
Closely track and manage event, operation and capital expenditure budgets for both incoming and outgoing dollars, and create reports for budget estimating, re-forecasting and actual spend.
Staff Scheduling
Create work schedules for every event, assign internal or external personnel to work event shifts, communicate with event staff on assignments, and create customized web portals for each staff member.
Lead Capture
Implement any method of lead capture and ingest for each event, using multiple methods of data collection—tablet, smartphone, self-service kiosk, QR code, web form or direct-from-badge.
Meeting Management
Schedule and manage client and prospect meetings in your exhibit booth, via either pre-arranged appointment requests booked in advance, or on-the-spot walkins from exhibit attendees.
Speaker’s Bureau
Coordinate and manage all elements of your Speakership Program including speaker bios, headshots, presentation content, resource requirements, speaking roadmap and performance scoring.
Issue CEUs (Continuing Education Units) or other professional development credits to individuals that attend meetings or seminars—hosted in the booth, in adjoining conference spaces or at offsite venues.
Attendee 360
Analyze event participation from key attendees, companies or target accounts across the entire event season, to identify trends or potential sales and partnership opportunities.