EventCENTRAL, EventMAX and Velocity are used by all types of organizations to manage global event portfolios, produce larger events, and extend event content beyond the four walls of the event venue.

From Global 2000 firms to SMBs, corporations across the globe rely on the G2Planet product line to:
  • Manage and produce their entire event portfolios
  • Provide event visibility and performance across the organization
  • Increase event ROI and drive opportunity pipelines
Trade groups, professional associations and social organizations invest in G2Planet solutions to:
  • Connect global membership bases in person and virtually
  • Minimize costs while maximizing the event experience
  • Increase event ROI and drive opportunity pipelines
Media Organizations
Publications, news outlets and content distributors leverage G2Planet event solutions to:
  • Raise brand visibility and strengthen market presence
  • Promote and feature new offerings and technologies
  • Increase event ROI and drive opportunity pipelines
Educational Institutions
Colleges and Universities of all types and formats utilize G2Planet event solutions to:
  • Connect with existing students and alumni
  • Boost enrollment for key programs and fields of study
  • Host regional and national meetups
Government Agencies
Local, State and Federal agencies look to the full suite of G2Planet event solutions to:
  • Connect and stay in touch with communities
  • Promote new initiatives, programs and policies
  • Host career fairs and community wellness programs
Entertainment Venues
Fair, festival, concert and exhibition planners incorporate G2Planet solutions into their events to:
  • Streamline registration, ticketing and access
  • Increase visibility into expenses and profits
  • Expand opportunities for sponsorship revenue