G2Planet is actively seeking Reseller, Agency and Solution Provider-Integrator partners. If you are interested in learning more, please complete the form at the bottom of this page to speak with a G2Planet channel executive.

Who You Are: You are a full-service global event agency or production company, looking to add value for your clients by providing industry-leading event management solutions bundled with your own services.
What You Receive: Significant platform discounts, sales support, implementation support, optional white labeling, and the ability to deliver a branded, end-to-end event management and execution experience under your own corporate brand.
Who You Are: You are a producer of large conferences and comprehensive global events, looking to partner into an ERP-style technology solution that can tie all event management and execution processes together into one system.
What You Receive: A proven technology solution for your most important clients, dedicated sales and implementation support, and the ability offer an end-to-end event management and execution solution with no missing components.
Solution Providers & Integrators
Who You Are: You provide a module or piece of functionality that works with the overall event solution—a CRM, marketing automation system or registration front end. Or, you are a technologist, integrator or software development house that has created or plans to develop an integration with one or more G2Planet solutions or event functionality modules. Either way, you need to share data with the G2Planet platform to improve an event experience.
What You Receive: Flexible and open APIs, development guidance from the G2Planet technology team, complimentary Q&A testing, and inclusion in G2Planet marketing collateral as a Certified G2Planet Integration.

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