As leading analyst firms continue to recommend a 60/40 split between digital and in person marketing initiatives for enterprises, live event budgets are once again scaling up. And so is the complexity of managing dozens—if not hundreds—of global events per year, with outdated technology and methods. But is there a better option than trusting the success of your global event portfolio to spreadsheets and cloud drives?

Mark Granovsky

Mark Granovsky


Join Mark Granovsky, CEO of G2Planet, as he gathers event executives from all industries. During this session, Mark reviews software-focused approaches for driving event planning and management efficiencies, including using technology to:

  • Collect and compare event opportunities side-by-side
  • Estimate event requirements and track against plan
  • Manage event resources and budgets in real-time
  • Drive process improvements and workflow efficiencies
  • Share critical event info across teams and vendors
  • Measure and reporte accurate ROI from all events
  • And more

If you are an event executive who is struggling to gain visibility into and control of your global event portfolio, we encourage you to watch this on demand session today. And please feel free to contact us any time at with questions related to this webcast, or to receive a comprehensive walkthrough of EventCENTRAL (our event management and visibility platform) or EventMAX (our large event execution platform).

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