EventCENTRAL, EventMAX and Velocity can provide significant ROI to a wide variety of event-related stakeholders. Here are the audiences we help.

The C-Suite

Chief Executive Officer
Chief Financial Officer
Transparency and Control. Quickly view event plans and performance across your organization, monitor event ROI, and have a ‘single source of truth’ for all event information at your fingertips.

Marketing Leaders

Chief Marketing Officer
Chief Revenue Officer
Portfolio-Level Visibility. Manage every aspect of your global event portfolio from a single system, enforce ROI, and ensure every event dollar and minute of time is managed effectively.

Event Leaders

Vice President of Events
VP of Conferences
Resource Planning and Productivity. Track event resources, estimate event requirements, analyze availability, schedule personnel and track progress against plan in real-time.

Marketing Ops

Director of Marketing Ops
Marketing Analyst
Data Sharing. Easily integrate activity from event contacts with any Marketing Automation, CRM or ABM system—to maintain engagement visibility across initiatives.

Conference Mgmt

Conference Director
Session Planner
Content Management. Collect and review speaking topics, curate event content, and automatically build sessions including keynotes, breakouts, panels and more.

Event Mgmt

Event Planner
Site Coordinator
Scheduling and Resource Planning. Create work schedules, assign internal and external personnel to shifts, and manage your entire list of event vendors, suppliers and venues.

Sales Operations

RevOps Manager
Sales Analyst
Lead Reporting. Analyze event participation from key attendee and target accounts across the entire event season, for trends or potential sales and partnership opportunities.