Now that the world has opened up again, in person event owners have returned to their comfort zones. Gone are things like virtual event lobbies, digital exhibit booths, video streaming engines and virtual swag bags—replaced once again by physical venues, hotel room blocks, show floor maps and onsite registration tables.


There is no arguing that virtual and hybrid events were both complex and unpredictible. But are there new, lower risk strategies that still allow you as an event owner to offer SOME level of virtual participation for in person events—without distracting you from delivering a great live event experience? The answer is "absolutely yes!"


Eric Rudolf


Join Eric Rudolf, CMO of G2Planet, as he discusses how every in person event—regardless of format—can and should include simple virtual participation options. During this session Eric reviews the marketing, engagement and revenue-based advantages of offering virtual participation channels, and also covers:

  • Increasing in-person event reach and effectiveness
  • Leveraging in-person event content for ongoing marketing
  • Monetization strategies for driving add-on revenue
  • Extending in-person event life beyond the days of the event
  • And more

If you are an event executive who is looking to increase the ROI of your in-person events by driving more engagement, marketing value or revenue—without increasing risk or complexity—we encourage you to watch this on demand session today. And please feel free to contact us any time at  with questions related to this webcast, or to receive a comprehensive walkthrough of EventCENTRAL (our event management and visibility platform) or EventMAX (our large event execution platform).

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