Our Platforms
Software to manage every part of an event, from planning through follow-up.
Single Event Management
Single Event Production
Used by event marketing proffesionals for planning, registration, onsite management, and follow-up at each event. Typically used to manage conferences and other large single proprietary events.
Track multiple events
Multi-Event Strategy
Used by large organizations to track all events on a central calendar. Enables collaboration amongst teams and visibilty into operations of event marketing departments, to better execute event marketing strategy.
Automotive Event Management
Automotive Event Production
Software and hardware combinations created specifically for automotive manufacturers. Empahsis on Ride & Drives and lead capture, with other interactive experiential technology to boost consumer engagement.
G2Planet Clients
G2Planet Clients
Data Collection and Integration
Extensible into your CRM and Marketing Automation systems.
G2Planet Integrations
We enable you to collect a lot of individual level data. For example, we were the first company to implement RFID enabled badges at a live event, giving our clients the capability to see exactly how each attendee moved throughout their events, including the sessions they attended, booths they looked at, and networking events they went to.
Alongside collection, we prioritize making data usable. Developed with an emphasis on flexibility, our platforms integrate easily with third party applications, meaning you can put event data directly into your CRM or Marketing Automation systems.  We also make it simple draw information out of mobile applications and other event management software.
Service Is Our Priority
We build responsive and personal relationships with all of our clients.
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