G2Planet provides event management technology helping companies create world class events, increase revenue, and improve marketing management processes


G2Planet provides leading application solutions for corporate event strategy, planning, and production.



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The way events should be done.

Events are the most powerful marketing medium.  We will advocate this position all day long.  They are rich with opportunities and filled with possibilities.


Are your event programs leveraging technology to maximize possibilities?


Are your applications effectively capturing opportunities and amplifying them throughout your organization?


If not, you are not alone.  When it comes to killer apps corporate event marketing has been the most underserved marketing discipline...until now.


Introducing G2Planet.


If you are trying to make better decisions about which events to attend and how...G2Planet can help.


If you are trying to be more efficient with event planning and production management...G2Planet can help.


If you are trying to create better event experiences for attendees, speakers, sponsors and /or employees...G2Planet can help.


Notice a theme here?  Any type of face-to-face event type of event marketing challenge. GET STARTED G2Planet is here to help.





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