Systems Integrations

Event City

Combining event data with your marketing and IT stack.

CRM / Marketing Automation Integration

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Marketo Integration
Custom Implementation
Custom Integration

We provide custom integrations for each of our clients. G2Planet enables you to push any event data to your CRM or Marketing Automation System in a clean and standardized format. We can also pull data from your CRM or Marketing Automation System to be used in our software's real-time reporting while your event is live.

Any Third-Party Software

Our platforms can integrate with any third-party marketing software. The names above are common examples of integrations used by many of our clients, but they do not represent the full range of possibilities. By developing a flexible API, we have ensured that our software can be easily connected to most everything.

Mobile Application Integration

doubledutch integration
Quickmobile Integration
Eventbase Integration
Custom app integration
Two-Way Integration

Our mobile integrations import data from our platforms to populate your app (i.e. event schedule or registration info). They also export attendee data to your CRM or Marketing Automation system (i.e. sessions attended or surveys answered) for a deep look at each attendees' experience and interests.

Any App

Our platforms integrate with any third-party mobile application. Above are common providers used by our clients, but our flexible API allows G2Planet software to work with all mobile apps, including those built in-house for a specific event.

Other Common Integrations

okta integration
passkey integration

G2Planet's software works seamlessly with Okta to integrate into your enterprise's single sign on (SSO) infrastructure for easier, safer and faster permissions management, access control and other security protocols.


G2Planet uses Passkey or our own hotel block management system to make reserving hotels a simple part of your registration process.