G2Planet gives you the production tools to help you to execute flawless experiences and create customer delight.

Our software solutions for experiential marketing work behind the scenes to organize the smallest details ensuring the optimal experience. You’ll take comfort in knowing that everything works, every time.

Examples of what G2Planet can Manage:

  • “Smart Badging” to improve lead capture, program and resource management and logistics.
  • Not just data, but meta-data, complied in real time to help better analyze show activity “in-the-moment” and improve service, product and knowledge delivery.
  • Enhanced visibility of “outliers” that either can improve or degrade the customer experience and add or eliminate them from your workflows.


Conferences continue to gain budget share, influence and frequency in the marketing mix. G2Planet transforms conferences into “get togethers” that help groups get things done.

G2Planet functions as a silent partner that keeps things running smoothly behind the scenes so that channel partners, resellers, customers and prospects bring their best ideas front and center.

With G2Planet as your partner, we can serve as the glue that binds partners together so that you can embrace and extend the learnings you capture while deepening their engagement.

G2Planet can Provide:

  • A powerful technology ecosystem, to easily add new people, locations and vendors.
  • Best-practices used by actual G2P clients to deliver consistent collaboration and isolate key “performance boosters.”
  • Technology to facilitate knowledge transfer, content creation, schedule management and more.
  • Registration, badging, event websites and lead capture.
  • Actionable data to derive insight.
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Trade Shows

For event planner, Trade Show schedules are always a bit tenuous. “Must-attend” shows seem to change with the latest fashion, season and technology. G2Planet data helps you match-up with the right shows, with the right people, every time. Because today you just can’t miss the new Golf Tournament that your boss felt was essential, especially when your competition sponsored the carts.

G2Planet can Provide:

  • Business analytics to help you retroactively measure R0I and manage your commitments accordingly.
  • Tools to better align your event marketing activities to corporate marketing objectives.
  • Better analyze staffing requirements, overhead reduction and supply chain considerations for your best performing shows.
  • Accurate, real-time lead capture and more.
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