Our Latest Whitepapers
DEEP Whitepaper One
DEEP Whitepaper 1 - The Role of the Ecosystem. Read about integrating your event management software with the rest of your marketing stack to combine data and ensure that your event marketing fits seamlessly with your organization's larger strategy.
Platforms for Proprietary Events
DEEP Whitepaper 2 - Platforms for Proprietary Events. A discussion of platforms vs. products for event management. Highlights the benefits of flexibility in event technology, and the necessary functionally for an event to run smoothly.
DEEP Whitepaper Three
DEEP Whitepaper 3 - Driving Success With Data. An evaluation of the different software platforms available to manage automotive events. Disucsses criteria that constitutes good software, and how well different vendors meet those criteria.
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The Business of Events - Unleash the strategic value of you events by making them a central part of collecting data and directing your marketing strategy.
Events, Email, and Beyond

Deep Whitepaper 4 - Events, Email and  An Events, Email and Beyond - Takes an in-depth look at best practices in event and email marketing and how to expertly adapt them to your enterprise. The final whitepaper in the DEEP Series. 

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"Experiential Event Marketing" Whitepaper
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Videos and Infographics
Platforms Overiew. A quick description of each G2Planet's three platforms.
About G2Planet. A short, documentary style film, that provides a glimpse of the types of events our software supports and how we treat our clients. 
Auto in 60 Seconds. A quick description of the value that we provide to automotive manufacturers that work with G2Planet.
EventMAX Platform. A brief overview of G2Planet's single event production platform.
EventCENTRAL Platform. A brief overview of G2Planet's multi-event tracking, planning, and strategy platform.
EventAUTO Platform. A brief overview of G2Planet's dedicated automotive event platform.
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How to Collect Data at Your Next Event. An infographic that shows how data goes from physical collection to clean and usable storage.
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Classic Case Studies
EventMAX Case Study - Connecting Sales to Event Marketing. An example of how one of our clients is using data to maximize their ROI on each event.