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The Business of Events - Unleash the strategic value of you events by making them a central part of collecting data and directing your marketing strategy.

Events, Email, and Beyond

Events, Email and Beyond - Takes an in-depth look at best practices in event and email marketing and how to expertly adapt them to your enterprise. The final whitepaper in the DEEP Series.

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Platforms Overview. quick description of each G2Planet's three platforms.

About G2Planet. short, documentary style film, that provides a glimpse of the types of events our software supports and how we treat our clients

Auto in 60 Seconds. A quick description of the value that we provide to automotive manufacturers that work with G2Planet.

EventMAX Platform. A brief overview of G2Planet's single event production platform.

EventCENTRAL Platform. A brief overview of G2Planet's multi-event tracking, planning, and strategy platform.

Classic Case Studies

EventMAX Case Study - Connecting Sales to Event Marketing. An example of how one of our clients is using data to maximize their ROI on each event.