Why you should listen up about "listening in."

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The practice of analyzing conversations that get the most attention on your site--and then building new online content and conversations around them is hot. The popular platform Sprout Social puts their popularity in perspective: 

"Social listening tools allow brands to analyze and reflect on their audiences actions. Additionally, organizations can track overall brand health, create better marketing campaigns and ultimately improve customer experiences." 

Here are three ways, in particular, we think "listening in" on your own online content can help an event marketing professional: 

  • Look for"trigger words": If an attendee likes or dislikes your experience, they broadcast it online. So pay attention to triggers that can come up in customer feedback surveys and other forms of online messaging--then craft a written response. 
  • Avoid boring content: Using social listening tools You can identify topics of importance without the guesswork by tracking hashtags, topics or keywords people use with your brand.
  • Stay on trend: It's not always easy to divine the future from looking at a few Facebook posts. Social listening can measure heavy "conversation density" on your site from which you can glean fresh insights...and always stay ahead of the conversation.
  • Always be listening in: Link here for more on the latest social listening tools.