"Whackamole" with Event Planning.

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The term "point solution" sounds actionable and positive. In practice, however, it can be the primary cause of a fragmented event marketing program. Hiring multiple agencies to fix unrelated issues can soon disintegrate into a scenario that resembles a really bad game of whackamole

We'd to take a closer look at these pesky stand-alone solutions, how they hinder instead of help the agencies that work on your business of event marketing, and why enterprise-wide technology systems in your event marketing department can overcome the problem. 



Many Chefs, Too Many Tools:

As an event planner, you know there is an advantage to having multiple agencies on your roster. The more “chefs” you have working on your business the more ideas they can cook up. While this is a good thing, there is also a tendency for agencies to work with their own “utensils” which can get messy fast.

A classic example of this might be an auto manufacturer that uses a staffing agency for regional car shows that utilizes its own lead capture software, relies on another agency for its test drive program with another technology system, and yet another for its new model showcase.

While each agency it hires might be “best of breed,” this point solution approach makes it difficult to standardize and share data between themselves and your enterprise, hindering their ability to capture and analyze it with any consistency. Sure, enterprise CRM can certainly help in this effort, but CRM’s priorities are usually not 100% aligned with the Event Marketing Department.

Event Marketing Departments benefit immensely from data that helps them measure and manage their own activities and align with enterprise goals, not just simply pump leads into CRM.

 From Point Solutions to a "Platform"

Many event marketers (perhaps without even knowing it) work with some form of an event marketing platform to gain efficiencies and economies of scale. This type of platform is well implemented at a national level but remains under-utilized for regional events and activations.

While this is a huge step up from using point solutions to solve every problem, it is still not that useful in determining the contributions of various agencies to enterprise goals because it does not leverage “big data.” Event Marketing Departments benefit the most when their event marketing platform enables them to centrally manage and measure the impact of all agency partners, vendors, other resources and activities.

The biggest and best way to overcome the problem of point solutions is to implement a true data-driven approach to event marketing at the enterprise level. Standardizing the enterprise on a single event marketing platform helps you analyze the impact of each contributor to your program. 

An event marketing platform like EventCENTRAL from G2Planet can not only help you assess the relative ROI of each event and activation on a quarterly basis but it also can help you showcase the impact of ideas “cooked up” by your creative agencies so that they play together.