Want Your Event To Be Memorable? Then Don't Forget These 2 Things.

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By Paul Campbell (edited by G2Blog)

It is often the little things that count the most when making an event memorable. A big budget event with a stellar keynote and The Rolling Stones can still feel a bit underwhelming for attendees if you overlook these two key elements. 

1. Always make your guests feel special.

Make your guests feel welcome and engaged through the decor, content, food, music, and the excitement. For instance, you could greet each guest with personalized swag at registration. Another tactic is to have a photo-booth or picture background where attendees can take pictures or record video to share on social media.

2. Remember to thank your attendees.

Show your guests appreciation for spending their time and money to attend your event. Being thankful plays a critical role in terms of memory and audience reach. It also helps you to stay connected with attendees after the event and increases their likelihood of attending another occasion.

You should also give out branded gifts, but get creative here too! Think beyond pens, t-shirts, and coffee mugs. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on thank-you gifts. Just look for something unique your guests will appreciate.

Remember The Bottom Line

Corporate events can be arduous and time-consuming to plan and manage, especially for large, multi-day conferences. But by keeping the tips above in mind, you can create a memorable event.

Fortunately, there are several corporate event companies in London and the UK, in cities across the U.S., and elsewhere that can make your event stand out and be memorable—for the right reasons.

Paul Campbell is the founder and a director of the Purple Patch Group, a business that started life as an event agency in London over ten years ago. Through years of live events experience on both sides of the fence—managing them and sitting front row—Paul and fellow director Holly created the Presentation Experts. Through Purple Patch Group they develop corporate events and conferences for brands and companies.

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