Vroom-ing into 2018

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From all of us at G2Blog, we wish you a great 2018! While you are no doubt making lists and reading lists about the key things to do in the new year, we’ll keep our suggestions down to two.

  • To make a more eventful 2018, embrace technology—and polylogues in particular. After all, if you look at an event as a “confab”, then make sure you are including as many qualified people in your conversation as you can. To do this you simply need to have a content strategy in place and a good technology platform that allows multiple people to share their thoughts for the year. If you want to pick up some good ideas about this, check out CONFAB 2018.
  • Do nothing without data. This is NOT to be confused with information. Data is the raw metrics that you generate from events that can be instantly appraised for its value by a DEEP platform. The purpose of using data is to help you design better events and experiences based on empirical “evidence” and not just hunches. Our whole site in the past year has been devoted in one way or another to Data-Driven Enterprise Event Planning of this kind. Now might be a good time to look back over G2Blog and mine our site for insights.

Of course, throughout this upcoming month we’ll be releasing all kinds of exciting new things. Our largest whitepaper to date on Experiential Marketing at events is coming mid-January along with some super sexy (if you like cars) videos from the LA Auto Show about maximizing your event performance. We’ll also be introducing Jake, our new on-screen personality from G2P to guide you to the best content on our site.

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