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Client Testimonial: Captured in Chicago.

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Some observations from a long-term G2Planet client captured during the 2018 Chicago Auto Show. The Chicago show was also the scene for many experiential firsts, including an interior "snow dusting" created to showcase Nissan SUVs!

How to Start Improving Customer Experience With Data

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Creating a "great customer experience" is something often said in the world of event marketing, without a lot of explanation. For this article we’ll borrow Forrester’s definition: an interaction between customers and a company that is useful (provides value), usable (easy to find and engage with), and enjoyable (people want to use them).

Enterprise Event Management: Controlling Expenses

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Keeping track of event expenses is a little like filling a laundry basket. The more efficiently you can organize colors from whites, singles from separates, and so on and so forth, the tidier everything will turn out in the end.

One of the benefits of the Data Driven Enterprise Event Management is that your expenses can be easily categorized, analyzed and tracked in real-time. DEEP tools also allow you to aggregate all your data so you can mine it for insights. This process will frequently reveal smaller expenses that can make a big difference in your overall ability to control expenses and costs.

Event Data. The Last Massive Mine, Hiding in Plain Sight.

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We are in the third decade of a modern gold rush to mine corporate data. As multidimensional data analysis (MDA) continues to accelerate, the hunt has intensified to find new “seams” to explore.

Three Badge Features to Create a More Engaging Event

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Not all trade show badges are created equally. You’d think that a thin piece of plastic would be more democratic, but it’s not. In fact, there are some very specific types of badges you need if you want to optimize your attendee experience, helping create the perfect event.

Why "13" is a Lucky Number for Events

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This past week, in Neocon’s Architectural Principals talk, I was told that pictures look more interesting when they are grouped in odd numbers. The more pictures you hang, the more this is true.

Considering groups of pictures indivisible by two, “more interesting”, seems like an error in rational thinking. But, I can see how larger groups of pictures can work together in drawing our attention. Every picture contains an idea, which can be rearranged and combined with the ideas from the other pictures, making the total experience more stimulating. So, we decided to apply the many picture concept to our blog in an effort ideas and your events stay novel. Please enjoy 13 entirely random yet memorable ways you can improve your next event.

How to Promote Events and Increase Attendee Engagement with Snapchat (Or not.)

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It’s generally agreed that the moment you turn 35 years of age you are too old for Snapchat. And here you thought 40 was the new 50.

At G2Planet having a HQ in Silicon Valley and an office in ice-cold Minnesota keeps us more centered about these things. If anything, we prefer to exploit every new technology like marauding Vikings — using only what works and jettisoning what doesn’t.  Which brings us back to Snapchat.

Blog, VLOG or Twitch? How to Keep Your Social Media Menu Full at Your Events.

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No smart event planner wants to be left “off the calendar” when it comes to social media at an event. While it’s easy cover your bases on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and some form of stitched together story (as we covered on previous post about Facebook Stories vs. Snapchat) your core competencies may need a tune-up.

“FOMO” Promos. Are You Missing Out on Them at Your Events?

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There’s an acronym going around Silicon Valley these days that simply means “Fear Of Missing Out” or FOMO. It’s how an entire army of social media and tech specialists tap into our insecurities about missing out on the essential things in life. No, you don’t need social media to keep this from happening, but that’s not how your average attendee sees it.

5 Irresistible Ideas for Increasing Traffic at Your Tradeshow Booth

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If you are fond of visiting State Fairs then you are familiar with the “Carnival Barker.” We are talking about the slightly-tatty person that stands in front of the latest stomach churning attraction and invites you in. Unless they grab you by the collar and yank you into line you probably walk past them.

Unless you see something irresistible.

The same rules apply to your tradeshow booth. It’s not who shouts the loudest in the booth that gets the people into your space, but how your brand looks, feels, acts, shouts and yes, even feeds your potential passers-by.

Improve Your Event Marketing Strategy With These Social Superheroes [Infographic]

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No, we are not talking about the web-slinging or shield-wielding kind. Our favorite superheroes do not sport capes and slinky bodysuits, but they play a huge role in the way people live and interact with each other in the modern world, and more importantly, in event strategy. If you're an EventProf, you rely on them every single day to make your events a huge success and improve your event marketing strategy. 

Yes, we are talking about social media networks, like Facebook and Twitter, that are nothing less than superheroes to event managers who use them not only to organize and market events, but also to establish strong relationships with thousands of other industry professionals, speakers and potential attendees. They are a critical catalyst in how to amplify the impact of event marketing.