Why DATA Delivers More Than Fads in Corporate Event Marketing

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Why Data Delivers More Than Fads.

5 Simple Ideas That Prove It.

When it comes to events, it is easy to be distracted by the latest shiny object. While no event planner wants to be without the latest cool idea at a critical event, the bigger risk is building your plan around a dud. With that in mind we’ll cover 5 data-backed ideas that will deliver the wow factor you desire without the headaches. 

How to Promote Events and Increase Attendee Engagement with Snapchat (Or not.)

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It’s generally agreed that the moment you turn 35 years of age you are too old for Snapchat. And here you thought 40 was the new 50.

At G2Planet having a HQ in Silicon Valley and an office in ice-cold Minnesota keeps us more centered about these things. If anything, we prefer to exploit every new technology like marauding Vikings — using only what works and jettisoning what doesn’t.  Which brings us back to Snapchat.

“FOMO” Promos. Are You Missing Out on Them at Your Events?

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There’s an acronym going around Silicon Valley these days that simply means “Fear Of Missing Out” or FOMO. It’s how an entire army of social media and tech specialists tap into our insecurities about missing out on the essential things in life. No, you don’t need social media to keep this from happening, but that’s not how your average attendee sees it.

5 Irresistible Ideas for Increasing Traffic at Your Tradeshow Booth

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If you are fond of visiting State Fairs then you are familiar with the “Carnival Barker.” We are talking about the slightly-tatty person that stands in front of the latest stomach churning attraction and invites you in. Unless they grab you by the collar and yank you into line you probably walk past them.

Unless you see something irresistible.

The same rules apply to your tradeshow booth. It’s not who shouts the loudest in the booth that gets the people into your space, but how your brand looks, feels, acts, shouts and yes, even feeds your potential passers-by.

Big Data. Get It on Your Calendar in 2017.

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There are many advantages to using one calendar to plan events across the enterprise. While the list can get quite extensive, here are a few “top-line” reasons it works:

  • You can analyze which shows it makes most sense for you to attend
  • You can optimize personnel scheduling to event activations
  • You can manage content creation through various input sources
  • You can publish extensively onto individual event calendars
  • You can customize event portfolios and roadmaps
  • You can improve event performance tracking, reporting, and analysis

While a single Enterprise Event Calendar provides all these benefits and more, there is even a bigger untapped advantage to get “on your calendar” in 2017: Big Data.

How to Choose an Event Marketing Agency, Part 2: From Point Solutions to Platform

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In case you missed Part 1 of this post, check it out here!


Point Solutions. It’s a term that sounds actionable and positive. In practice, however, it can be the primary cause of a fragmented event marketing program.

PC Magazine defines a point solution as “solving one particular problem without regard to related issues. Point solutions are widely used to fix a problem or implement a new service quickly.1” The key words in this sentence are “without regards to other issues.”

We'd like to examine how they hinder instead of help the agencies that work on your business of event marketing, and why enterprise-wide technology systems in your event marketing department can overcome the problem. 

How to Choose an Event Marketing Agency, Part 1: From Partner to Platform

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Division of Labor. It’s a timeless concept when it comes to event marketing. For example, when it comes to choosing an agency, you’ll want to pay special attention to how they divide the stuff they thrive on from technology headaches that can hold them back.

Put another way, choosing the best agency partner for your buck has a great deal to do with the technology platform that supports them.

How to Score Bigger Event Marketing Budgets, From the Big Picture to the “Tin Cup”

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As you plan for the upcoming fiscal year:

Enterprise event marketers don’t always get the budgets they deserve; they get the budgets they negotiate. In this blog post, we discuss ways to make your case for the biggest possible budgets as your company plans for FY’ 2017:

7.46 billion* reasons to centralize Enterprise Event Planning on one calendar

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(*and counting)

If one thing is certain today, it’s that the world’s population is not getting any smaller. Global enterprises are growing at a similar (albeit a bit smaller) rate with event planning in front of the trend.

Contrary to the claims of some digital pundits, events are exploding as companies crave meaningful customer engagement in every time, place and space imaginable. And while we can’t put a time clock on it, the sheer volume of events continues to surge across the globe.

Staying on top of such complexity inherent to enterprise event planning requires the use of event planning tools and technologies to “tame the wave.” This can make the use of a centralized enterprise event calendar such as that found in EventCENTRAL from G2Planet (Demo), an essential tool for the task.

Improve Your Event Marketing Strategy With These Social Superheroes [Infographic]

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No, we are not talking about the web-slinging or shield-wielding kind. Our favorite superheroes do not sport capes and slinky bodysuits, but they play a huge role in the way people live and interact with each other in the modern world, and more importantly, in event strategy. If you're an EventProf, you rely on them every single day to make your events a huge success and improve your event marketing strategy. 

Yes, we are talking about social media networks, like Facebook and Twitter, that are nothing less than superheroes to event managers who use them not only to organize and market events, but also to establish strong relationships with thousands of other industry professionals, speakers and potential attendees. They are a critical catalyst in how to amplify the impact of event marketing.

A Cross-Functional, Enterprise Approach to Event Strategy Yields Better Results

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Get the entire enterprise on board 

Every year corporations spend millions of dollars putting together various events attended by their customers, prospects and partners. With such an investment, many executives are wondering if opportunities are being missed in these activities. They aren’t alone. Reasons behind this concern are found in a Harvard Business Review article describing a new B2B landscape. In it the authors argue that “outdated assumptions” about the sales funnel need to be challenged.

6 Steps to Better Ride & Drive Activations

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At G2Planet, we believe Ride & Drives are the most impactful type of event activation in automotive event marketing.  

However, many automotive manufacturers and agency partners miss out on valuable opportunities because they don't take advantage of best practices and industry-leading technology to improve their activations.

Download our free ebook on six actionable steps you can take to improve your ride & drive activations.