The Business of Events Whitepaper: Using Technology to Unleash the Strategic Value of Events

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A whitepaper that dives into the ways that companies can unleash the strategic value of events:

At G2Planet we understand that using technology is essential to centralize, simplify, and organize by using data to effectively manage events. This is what platforms like EventCENTRAL, our multi-platform management system, do best. Our goal, is for planners to spend the maximum amount of time crafting the perfect experience, rather than getting held back by the operational details. Our latest effort has been creating a whitepaper that discusses how event planners can utilize events as a pillar of their marketing strategy.

Can a "Lose | Lose" be the best decision?

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At G2Planet we continually explore advanced technologies for planning. Right now, Artitfical Intelligence (AI) is mostly a buzz word, but in the future it has a lot of potential to help us make better decisions. AI can be programmed to model any kind of outcome (provided you get the logic right), which means it can make decisions based a broader and more precise set of outcomes than people can. Futurist Shelly Palmer gave us a great example of AI's potential using Game Theory, a classic decision making framework for economists. 

E-Mail Promotion for your Event in 5 Easy Steps

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No matter how successful your event has been, there is always next year, or next month to worry about. E-mail promotions for your future event are a great way to keep your event schedule and offerings top of mind with key prospects and ensure attendance.

Lessons for Event Marketers from Taylor Swift

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As data-driven marketers, we can appreciate Taylor Swift. While we're told she makes music, her online stats are what speak to us.

Swift is breaking all kinds of records on the verge of her new CD, "Reputation", this Fall. Her video "Look What You Made Me Do" has been streamed 90 million times in the last week alone. Whatever your opinion on her music, she remains a master class in marketing.

So, here are a few tips to "Taylorize" your events this fall.

Why Event Marketing Creates the Most Valuable Data

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With continuously improving technologies for processing and analysis, marketing data is only becoming more valuable. And so, we find ourselves in a modern day gold rush, with an ever intensifying desire to find new mines.

This post explores a modern day El Dorado -- the data generated by live events and conferences, which remains largely untapped. (But only after squeezing every last drop out of this gold mining analogy.)

How Outstanding Event Marketing Boosts Brand Awareness [Infographic]

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Here’s an unexpected marketing strategy—go rent a house and paint it pink.

That’s exactly how Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz transformed his album release into a powerful brand storytelling opportunity.

To prepare for the release of Pretty Girls Like Trap Music, he rented a house at 1530 Howell Mill Road in Atlanta and painted it pink to match the cover of his new album. The inside of the house was decorated with hip-hop inspired art featuring work by local artists and paintings of Atlanta landmarks. Dubbed the Trap House, the Berkeley Park home first offered a pop-up nail salon where people could get their nails done for free. When this gained little traction, 2 Chainz shifted the focus of the house to offering community services like free HIV testing, painting classes, and church services. The physical Pink Trap House went viral on social media and became a must-see attraction for Atlanta locals and visitors. During the campaign, #TrapHouse was tagged over 300K times on Instagram.

Enterprise Event Management Whitepaper: The Role of The Ecosystem

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A whitepaper looking at event planning technologies that integrate easily with an organization's larger marketing stack.

Running Events with Flexible Technology Makes Them Better

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An Example of Flexible Thinking

New York City’s High Line is a walking path on the eastern edge of Manhattan, both sides lined with sumptuous green gardens, and raised roughly three stories above street level, providing a unique view of the city streets below. It is one of the 21st century’s best examples of flexible thinking. For around fifty years, the High Line was a rusting, disused train track, part of a line that was no longer connected to the city’s transit system, and by all accounts an eyesore. Now it is one of New York’s best-loved parks, and a perfect analogy for the way good event planners think.

Measure Events like You'd Measure a Website

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The Drawbacks of Event Marketing (Or So They Say)

Event marketing is the single best way to generate qualified leads. So, why isn’t it utilized more? Traditionally, measuring the outcome of events the way one would with digital marketing has been difficult, making it challenging to determine their return on investment. This lack of clarity has made them a less popular option in the face of digital channels which provide precise measurements for judging success.

Why DATA Delivers More Than Fads in Corporate Event Marketing

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Why Data Delivers More Than Fads.

5 Simple Ideas That Prove It.

When it comes to events, it is easy to be distracted by the latest shiny object. While no event planner wants to be without the latest cool idea at a critical event, the bigger risk is building your plan around a dud. With that in mind we’ll cover 5 data-backed ideas that will deliver the wow factor you desire without the headaches. 

How to Promote Events and Increase Attendee Engagement with Snapchat (Or not.)

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It’s generally agreed that the moment you turn 35 years of age you are too old for Snapchat. And here you thought 40 was the new 50.

At G2Planet having a HQ in Silicon Valley and an office in ice-cold Minnesota keeps us more centered about these things. If anything, we prefer to exploit every new technology like marauding Vikings — using only what works and jettisoning what doesn’t.  Which brings us back to Snapchat.

“FOMO” Promos. Are You Missing Out on Them at Your Events?

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There’s an acronym going around Silicon Valley these days that simply means “Fear Of Missing Out” or FOMO. It’s how an entire army of social media and tech specialists tap into our insecurities about missing out on the essential things in life. No, you don’t need social media to keep this from happening, but that’s not how your average attendee sees it.