Creating an Ecosystem to Make Event Management “Uneventful”

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Imagine this scene at your next event. The floor activity is electric. People are swapping the latest technologies, the registration booth is abuzz and smart cards are being swiped to capture new leads every second. You smile and realize that this is the kind of “productive pandemonium” that only a skilled event planner can appreciate.

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Big Data. Get It on Your Calendar in 2017.

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There are many advantages to using one calendar to plan events across the enterprise. While the list can get quite extensive, here are a few “top-line” reasons it works:

  • You can analyze which shows it makes most sense for you to attend
  • You can optimize personnel scheduling to event activations
  • You can manage content creation through various input sources
  • You can publish extensively onto individual event calendars
  • You can customize event portfolios and roadmaps
  • You can improve event performance tracking, reporting, and analysis

While a single Enterprise Event Calendar provides all these benefits and more, there is even a bigger untapped advantage to get “on your calendar” in 2017: Big Data.

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