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Cannes Says "Yes" To Robots and AI

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While there are many who believe in human creativity, the worlds largest gathering of advertising and marketing professionals agreed that there are many things robots--and by extension Artificial Intelligence (AI) can already do better than humans. 

10 Directions That Video is Headed in 2018. INFOGRAPHIC.

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Video marketing is exploding online. This is because you will receive 20X the engagement from a video posting over a text only post. We have shared in previous posts some of the best ways to generate high quality|low cost video for your event promotions here (a brilliant solution for low-cost video.) Here is an infographic to help you visualize the trends. 

What The Russians Know About Events. (We'll Bet on It.)

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The "Russians" have become a well known entity in the world of online politics. They are also a force in the in the world of online betting, multi-player gaming and sweepstakes based on cryptocurrencyThis market is worth studying for corporate event marketers because cryptography and neural networks currently represent the bleeding edge of AI technologies applied to promotional tactics. 

Client Testimonial: Captured in Chicago.

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Some observations from a long-term G2Planet client captured during the 2018 Chicago Auto Show. The Chicago show was also the scene for many experiential firsts, including an interior "snow dusting" created to showcase Nissan SUVs!

Get Your Geek On: Event Planning Display Technology.

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This has probably happened to you. You’ve just downloaded all the footage from your latest event and you realize half of your audience is asking for 4k resolution, and they want it all in two days. Your first response might be “I don’t follow, why do we need 4k videos? And what exactly is 4k anyway?”

Data Driven...Schwag Bags? Yep. Here are Five Do's and Don'ts

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G2Blog has a few snack-sized posts designed for you to read in-between planning meetings this fall. Think desserts, not dissertations. This post uses data compiled from a variety of post-event questionaires compiled by clients since 2013. We’ve compiled it into a handy 'Do's and Don'ts' list of gifts that leave attendees feeling 'pleasantly suprised' at the end of an event.

E-Mail Promotion for your Event in 5 Easy Steps

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No matter how successful your event has been, there is always next year, or next month to worry about. E-mail promotions for your future event are a great way to keep your event schedule and offerings top of mind with key prospects and ensure attendance.

Why Event Marketing Works and Then Some

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What’s one of the most powerful content marketing tools used today? Event marketing. 58 percent of marketers consider conferences, trade shows, and other events to be important for improving the customer experience. For B2B marketers, the appeal of in-person marketing is even higher. 67 percent believe events are their most effective content tool.

Lessons for Event Marketers from Taylor Swift

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As data-driven marketers, we can appreciate Taylor Swift. While we're told she makes music, her online stats are what speak to us.

Swift is breaking all kinds of records on the verge of her new CD, "Reputation", this Fall. Her video "Look What You Made Me Do" has been streamed 90 million times in the last week alone. Whatever your opinion on her music, she remains a master class in marketing.

So, here are a few tips to "Taylorize" your events this fall.

Why Event Marketing Creates the Most Valuable Data

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With continuously improving technologies for processing and analysis, marketing data is only becoming more valuable. And so, we find ourselves in a modern day gold rush, with an ever intensifying desire to find new mines.

This post explores a modern day El Dorado -- the data generated by live events and conferences, which remains largely untapped. (But only after squeezing every last drop out of this gold mining analogy.)

Enterprise Event Management Whitepaper: Driving Success With Data [With Video]

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A whitepaper that examines the criteria for good automotive event management software, and gives a complete picture of event marketing technology solutions available to the automotive industry. 

How Outstanding Event Marketing Boosts Brand Awareness [Infographic]

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Here’s an unexpected marketing strategy—go rent a house and paint it pink.

That’s exactly how Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz transformed his album release into a powerful brand storytelling opportunity.

To prepare for the release of Pretty Girls Like Trap Music, he rented a house at 1530 Howell Mill Road in Atlanta and painted it pink to match the cover of his new album. The inside of the house was decorated with hip-hop inspired art featuring work by local artists and paintings of Atlanta landmarks. Dubbed the Trap House, the Berkeley Park home first offered a pop-up nail salon where people could get their nails done for free. When this gained little traction, 2 Chainz shifted the focus of the house to offering community services like free HIV testing, painting classes, and church services. The physical Pink Trap House went viral on social media and became a must-see attraction for Atlanta locals and visitors. During the campaign, #TrapHouse was tagged over 300K times on Instagram.