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10 Directions That Video is Headed in 2018. INFOGRAPHIC.

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Video marketing is exploding online. This is because you will receive 20X the engagement from a video posting over a text only post. We have shared in previous posts some of the best ways to generate high quality|low cost video for your event promotions here (a brilliant solution for low-cost video.) Here is an infographic to help you visualize the trends. 

Better Than a Robot. G2Blog.

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For nearly two decades we've been thinking about how to improve event management with technology. With G2Blog we are trying to make those thoughts accessible to everyone, in hopes that they will be useful.

Event Planning Insights From the EMMYs

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The Emmys are the “Super Bowl” of events for television. While the typical business event might not feature as many wardrobe malfunctions and political jokes, it’s not all that different behind the scenes. In fact, good event software probably has all the functionality necessary to make the EMMYs run smoothly:

Lessons for Event Marketers from Taylor Swift

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As data-driven marketers, we can appreciate Taylor Swift. While we're told she makes music, her online stats are what speak to us.

Swift is breaking all kinds of records on the verge of her new CD, "Reputation", this Fall. Her video "Look What You Made Me Do" has been streamed 90 million times in the last week alone. Whatever your opinion on her music, she remains a master class in marketing.

So, here are a few tips to "Taylorize" your events this fall.

Planetary Ramblings: 7 “Facts” Behind G2Planet's New Look.

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G2Planet has a new look and logo. Because you are likely a creative type, you can also appreciate that the journey to a new look and feel is little like interplanetary travel — or a voyage of discovery. With that mind, here are a few things we learned on our journey: