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Three Red Flags for Holiday Parties at Work

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Employee motivation frequently falls to event marketing as a responsibility. While it can be a whole lot of work it can also be a lot of fun. Events during the Holiday Season are an easy way to create team-building at work while avoiding too much scrutiny over results. In short, they can be an easy win, provide you avoid these pitfalls.

How to One-Up Your Competitors with a Giant Island

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Now that we are in the thick of event season, it’s time to determine who is truly Queen or King of the Hill with displays. Let us submit this $6 million floating island for your consideration—which would be perfectly suitable for a visitor suite on any show near water. We’re thinking Miami, San Diego... perhaps Monaco? If you think we’re crazy, ask yourself what it costs to build and rebuild a custom booth for every event. Think of the impact.

Event Planning Insights From the EMMYs

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The Emmys are the “Super Bowl” of events for television. While the typical business event might not feature as many wardrobe malfunctions and political jokes, it’s not all that different behind the scenes. In fact, good event software probably has all the functionality necessary to make the EMMYs run smoothly:

Harnessing Data to Drive Automotive Events

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Using data to drive automotive events only works when you use it. The more data you use, the better it can work. It's a lot like having star running back on the football field—who performs better the more times he gets the ball. (It's Fall, we're thinking football.)

Maximizing Events on Three Levels [With Video]

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Modern enterprise event marketing platforms can do many things. While any platform can help you cover the basics, a data-driven platform can help you maximize all opportunities.

Enterprise Event Management Whitepaper: Driving Success With Data [With Video]

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A whitepaper that examines the criteria for good automotive event management software, and gives a complete picture of event marketing technology solutions available to the automotive industry. 

Enterprise Event Management Whitepaper: Platforms for Proprietary Events

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A whitepaper that examines the neccesity of using a flexible platform for managing events.

Enterprise Event Management Whitepaper: The Role of The Ecosystem

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A whitepaper looking at event planning technologies that integrate easily with an organization's larger marketing stack.

Why "13" is a Lucky Number for Events

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This past week, in Neocon’s Architectural Principals talk, I was told that pictures look more interesting when they are grouped in odd numbers. The more pictures you hang, the more this is true.

Considering groups of pictures indivisible by two, “more interesting”, seems like an error in rational thinking. But, I can see how larger groups of pictures can work together in drawing our attention. Every picture contains an idea, which can be rearranged and combined with the ideas from the other pictures, making the total experience more stimulating. So, we decided to apply the many picture concept to our blog in an effort ideas and your events stay novel. Please enjoy 13 entirely random yet memorable ways you can improve your next event.

For Planners Thinking About Everything That Could Go Wrong

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Tanya’s Mishap

Perhaps more than any other profession, event planners are familiar with trepidation, an impending feeling that something will go wrong. My friend (we’ll call her Tanya) recently told me a story explaining why. 

G2Planet Launches New Site and Brand "Look"

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CORTE MADERA, CA, April 6, 2017: Since G2Planet first brought maps to mobile devices almost two decades ago, the company has pioneered the use of data to create produce and track events.  G2Planet’s new website, launched today, captures the innovative spirit of this joyfully disruptive company.