Behind the Experience: BMC Engage 2016

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BMC Engage 2016

BMC Engage is an annual four-day global user conference that brings together BMC's IT community from around the world. BMC Engage 2016 was held from September 6th - 9th at the ARIA Convention Center in Las Vegas. It was the most successful event to date, with over 2,000 attendees present. Engage provides a forum for BMC and IT professionals such as administrators, developers, and architects to share how the power of technology can be leveraged to fundamentally transform businesses. This conference focuses on the tools, training, and technology that are currently driving today's digital transformation by featuring 300 technical sessions, 90+ customer sessions, as well as valuable opportunities to network with BMC's 170 ecosystem partners. 

Behind the Experience: FOCUS 2016 Intel Security Conference

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FOCUS 2016 Intel Security Conference

Intel Security’s annual security conference, FOCUS 2016, is a critical must-attend event for all security professionals today. The 9th annual three day event was held from November 1 - November 3, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. With the highest attendance rate to date, FOCUS 2016 brought together top security experts from all around the world. This year’s conference focused on current trends and challenges facing the industry, the future of cybersecurity, as well as the McAfee by Intel re-branding unveil.