The World's First Interactive Interview Wall

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This is an interesting twist on the interview backdrop.  The Wally Smart Wall, developed in Israel, is a solution that can replace the undynamic gray backdrops that are often used to carry out on-camera interviews. According to the company, their wall now enables sponsors to communicate directly with their target market through video content and dedicated interactive messages. 

Comprised of a row of screens situated within the exact frame of the ongoing interview, Wally can carry out what they call "active marketing" with any crowd. Or, in essence, pack a lot more messaging into the frame of your interview--which is particularly helpful if your subject is a little short on charisma. 

But seriously, this interactive interview wall could soon make the old-school backdrops look as tired as a Burma Shave sign (if you can think back that far).  As we see it, as long as a brand doesn't overdo it with background messaging, the overall effect can be very effective for the quick on-screen live feed interviews that take place during trade shows.


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