The Value of Creativity for Live Events

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Creativity comes from a place deep within. It is the spark that ignites imaginations and drives innovation. Creative minds break boundaries, take the abstract or mundane and transform it into something new, something that can change the world and our experience of it.

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In the live events arena, it takes creativity to create something spectacular. Something that’s never been done before. It requires a collaborative, creative process to create an immersive VR experience without a headset; a habitable pop-up hotel at SXSW; the USA’s first ever interactive, regulation-sized LED court; and win two Guinness Book of World Records.

The creative process is different for everyone. There is no right way to harness it. Whether you are a scenic designer, event planner, or accountant, tapping into that wellspring within can produce powerful results. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you connect to your creativity.

Don't Get Caught up in the Process

Stop thinking about how to start. Set yourself a ten-minute timer and come up with 10 new ideas. Having a tight time frame and using personal productivity tools will allow you to move forward without investing in a outcome.

Don't be Afraid to Experiment

Try new things. Research emerging event technologies, things you like or aspire to. Use them as a framework to solve a problem or remix what’s been done into something new.

Be Willing to Throw Out a Ton of Ideas

Ideas that at first seem silly often have merit. Put your pen to paper and jot down everything that comes to mind. Share them with colleagues, you’ll be surprised where it may lead.

Don't be Afraid of Getting Shot Down

Sometimes we need to fail before we succeed. Not every idea or concept will resonate or will be practical. Often, we need to fine tune, to look to those who can execute, to shift or alter course in order for a creative spark to take hold. It took James Dyson 5,127 prototypes before he succeeded with the cyclonic vacuum cleaner.

Embrace your Uniqueness 

Own your differences. Sometimes what we perceive as a weakness can be leveraged as a strength. Your uniqueness gives you a different point of view, use it to your advantage.

Let it Percolate

Creatives are often hit with inspiration at the oddest times. Keep your phone or a note pad next to your bed. Send yourself a voice memo when inspiration hits. When you allow an idea to slowly simmer on the back burner it will often surprise you by emerging as a fully-fledged concept.

Jennifer Kurland has led live programming, branded experiences, and celebratory moments for two decades. A founding partner of productionglue, she transforms clients’ visions into  memorable, immersive experiences. From ideation, to creation, to execution, her teams challenge the boundaries of the possible. productionglue has produced hundreds of culturally relevant brand experiences and award-winning events for clients including: Nike, National Geographic, Samsung, SXSW, Comic-ConCornell UniversityFrieze New Yorkthe Office of the Mayor of New York City, among others. 

This post was originally published on Webbiquity.