The "Experiential" Spring: How to Own 2018

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Every year, new shiny objects sprout up like spring flowers as the "must-have" tactics for experiential marketing. This year, the industry itself is moving ever closer to a "Single Quiver" approach to deploying a variety of tactics that can be seamlessly linked online and offline. 

One idea driving this approach is "informational dominance" - which is based on the premise that by controlling all of the online and offline touchpoints for a user, you can ensure that only positive associations permeate the experience from start to finish. 

While this is easier said than done, DEEP platforms allow event managers to establish and enforce business processes to measure tactical performance, brand conformance, and myriads of other things that make this happen. 

You Are Only as Good as Your Tactics 

Of course, this edifice crumbles if you lack strong experiential tactics. While there is no single approach to experiential, the following tactics and practices are currently used by almost all the world's leading brands to maximize activations. 

1) Prizes, Giveaways, and Drawings - or, the physical stuff to incentivize consumers to interact with your brand and extend impressions. A typical technology used to implement this might include a scan-to-win or prize drawing game. 

2) Photo/Video/Gif Captures - which include devices to capture pictures (something everyone likes) and seamlessly share them with attendees (via an RFID or QR coded wristband), and then further share these pictures via social platforms with friends.

3) Integrate Multiple Places Together - where attendees are encouraged to win prizes in multiple locations (often at a single venue) which increases the frequency of activations.

4) AR/VR/and Other Interactive Technology - to increase user engagement, while still seamlessly capturing data that can be pushed across your enterprise system through an RFID or QR-coded wristband and extensible communications platform. 

Surprise and Delight

Great experiential marketing surprises and delights your attendees. Great tactics are disruptive to the status quo on purpose. The good news for Spring 2018 is that it has become easier than ever to pull multiple tactics from a single platform to keep your enterprise event marketing on target. 

We will be touching upon each of the previous tactics and how a DEEP platform augments their advantages in future posts. For now, however, be assured that today you can aim for dominance - and achieve it. 

Make this your spring. 

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