The Events Expert Interview Series #12: Adam Parry

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We've been interviewing some of the smartest, most interesting event professionals around--sharing their insights, advice, and unique experiences. This week we sat down with Adam Parry, the Director and Co-founder of Event Industry News - an online magazine for the events industry that reaches over 65,000 event professionals around the world every month. 

1) You've got a lot going on between being an editor and managing a podcast plus your duties as director of both the Event Tech Live event and the Event Technology Awards. How did you get started with Event Industry News? And what does a typical day look like for you now?

My career in the events industry started with working for a print publication for festivals and outdoor events. It quickly became apparent to me that, as an industry, we aren't always in an office—so digesting industry news and information by way of a magazine wasn't the best way. My business partner and I launched Event Industry News to deliver news as it happens by using digital publishing tools and the power of social media.

I don't have a typical day as my role is so varied these days; one day I could be at an event or exhibition speaking to the organiser and suppliers, and the next day I am speaking to event technology companies about their solutions and discussing Event Tech Live and The Event Technology Awards.

The only thing typical about each day is the vast number of emails I get and reply to, but that's probably the same for most in the events industry.  

2) What's the biggest challenge you face in your work?

Deciding what is a good opportunity versus what is a great opportunity. 

Every day, there are opportunities to write, or partner, or even develop a new product or event, but with so many opportunities you have to decide when NOT to pursue an opportunity. 

This is something I am still learning to manage, as my personality is of the kind "let's do it all." But the simple fact is that you can't—though you can work on a smaller number of great opportunities and do them well. 

3) What types of event-related technology do you use or interact with?

Is "all types" an answer? :) 

Event Tech Live itself is a case study of event technology. For the show, we use:

  • Registration Systems 
  • Lead Capture 
  • Wifi and Comms 
  • AV, LED and Projection 
  • Social Amplification 
  • Match Making Tech 
  • Silent Conference Technology 
  • Heat Mapping 
  • Facial Recognition 

The list goes on and on. 

4) What do you see as the biggest trend(s) in events this year, particularly in relation to event technology?

Consolidation and integration. Event organisers want to use systems that either do a lot of processes all in one platform or easily integrate with other technologies in order to keep everything in one place.

5) If you could give event planners / marketers one piece of advice, what would that be?

Find and use technology that saves time and simplifies processes; we as an industry charge for our time, that's our core revenue.

If we can use tools to do the above that means we have more product to sell or a better work-life balance. 

Time is money.  

Adam's colleague, James Dickenson, interviewed our founder and CEO Mark Granovsky last spring. Listen here.