The Best Time(s) to Post on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

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What's the best time of day to post on social media? If you were hoping that the best time to post on core social media sites was after luck. We mention this because if you are like most event planners you probably don't have a single person devoted to following social media on a 24|7 schedule. Fortunately there are all kinds of time-saving tools to help you make a post from a single dashboard, create content and more. 

Here are a few recommendations to keep social media from eating up all your time 

  1. Scheduling: Scheduling tools enable you to plan your posts in advance so you don't have to be on social media every time you want a post to go out. Try using Buffer to schedule posts from our blog and curated content. 
  2. Curation: You need easy ways to find valuable information from other experts that you can share. Use Tweetdeck to monitor the streams of industry influencers. You can alsouse the RSS reader Feedly to keep up with the best digital marketing blogs,
  3. Create: We recently discovered a tool called Nuzzel which creates a newsletter based on what your friends are engaging with on social media.

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