The Best Piece of Event Advice. From 7 Phenomenal Women.

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One of the top challenges event professionals face is finding time for continual learning. The events industry is fast-moving and constantly changing, so it's vital event pros keep their knowledge current.

Event pros have lots of options for keeping up with the latest information and insights, from publications and conferences for event professionals to podcasts and event blogs.

But one of the best  ways to stay effective is simply to ask a variety of event professionals—planners and others who've been deeply enmeshed in the industry for many years—for their guidance.

When seven experienced event pros, most of them members of the Women in Event Tech community, were asked, "If you could give event planners / marketers one piece of advice, what would that be?," the answers were enlightening. Though each answer was unique, a few interesting themes did emerge:

  • To optimize attendee engagement and create a uniquely valuable event experience, co-create the event plan with selected guests. They know what appeals to them, and can draw on a variety of experiences with other vendors and gatherings.
  • Look outside your industry for new ideas and inspiration.
  • Have fun in order to create fun. While organizing an event is a lot of work, it doesn't need to be drudgery. Making the process fun for employees will more likely lead to fun for the guests.
  • Your people matter more than your venue. While your choice of location and facilities is certainly important, it's the expertise and hospitality of your team that ultimately creates positive, memorable guest experiences.

Later this week we will publishing their answers. Stay tuned.