The 3 Cs of Content

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The 3 Cs of content are easy to agree with, but can be much more difficult to execute. That is because anyone who can write today can go find a list to follow or regurgitate someone else's stuff. At the bottom line, quality content should be relevant, useful and ultimately differentiating for your brand. In other words, great content creates the "aha" moment. The key to creating quality content is to follow these 3 Cs: 

1) Created (original) content is best and should comprise at least 80% of your content bucket. This means you'll have to hire an agency or bring a write on staff if you want to get serious about it. 

2) Curated content is a bit of a punt--but it is still useful if it is engaging. Make it about 15% of your bucket. 

3) Commercial content is the stuff you can buy. You can also hire an "influencer" to guest blog for you for a week or two. This can be tricky, however, because this hired gun's traffic goes away once they stop blogging for you. In other words their fans do not always translate into fans that love your brand. In the worst cases they may even be followers that influencer has bought on fiverr (but that is becoming very rare in 2018.) 

Here is a helpful link to creating more  relevant content this year. 

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