The 2018 "Experiential" Super Bowl: Pics + Tips from Minneapolis 

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It's not every year that the Super Bowl takes place in your own backyard and our staff here at G2Blog in Minneapolis will be providing a "street-level" view of the experience. Recently, for example, the local Star Tribune ran a huge page one feature about the experiential marketing profession - putting people like us at the same level (from a news perspective) as the NFL. Have a look: 

"First they turned lessons into learnings. Then talking became surfacing. Now activities are activations. The Super Bowl each year is accompanied by 10 days of sophisticated event marketing and promotions. But marketers don't call it that. To them, the stuff happening on Nicollet Mall and even the volunteers in the skyway are not activities or booths or people - but activations.

The Minnesota Super Bowl LII Host Committee has an executive in charge of activations. Rolling out its mobile app earlier this week, the committee bragged that "photos and videos from different and varied activations will be delivered to the fan via email.

Hallmark Super Bowl Snowglobe

Marketers are taking advantage of the greater word-of-mouth power that consumers now possess with their digital gadgets. More and more they craft experiences for people to record and share with friends and family. 'Yeah, it's a thing,' Sleep Number's Madison said with a laugh to a reporter who was curious about the term. "Use it in a sentence today. See how it feels.'"

From a professional perspective, it's hard not to be struck by the sheer number of photo sharing experiences arrayed for more than 15 city blocks along the Nicollet Mall - which is the central walking district of Minneapolis. We counted over 2 to 3 booths per block which all leveraged the wintry theme of "The Bold North." Indeed, it appears the host city is playing to the national perception of Minnesota as the "Icebox of the Nation."

Birkenbeiner International Bridge

Beyond the photo sharing activities, the showpiece of the experiential activity is a snow-covered bridge imported from the famous Birkebeiner Cross Country Ski Race to allow snowmobile jumping, skibjorning (cross country ski racing with sled dogs), and other winter activities. All designed, we would think, to take advantage of some truly unique photo-sharing opportunities. 

Particularly for your friends in Florida. 

Quick Tips for Activations and Content Sharing 

Data driven enterprise event planning platforms today will either offer their own stand-alone apps for photo-sharing or integrate best of breed solutions. G2Planet integrates seamlessly with the Quick Mobile photo and content sharing app to capture all the activity at consumer and B2B events. 

  1. A DEEP platform allows you to capture both the email and additional demographic and profile information from the shared content which allows you to make the most of your activations.
  2. User engagement metrics can be applied to all your event activations to analyze the real-time, real-world performance of your promotional ideas. This is particularly helpful with large, expensive installations like the Birkebeiner bridge, depicted above.
  3. Because you don't always have a Super Bowl sized budget, it must be asked whether the investment required to disassemble and reassemble an entire bridge from Wisconsin to Minnesota is as cost-effective as a really cool photo sharing booth. The "Snow Globes" from Hallmark, also depicted, are currently generating huge activations in the first few days of the 10-day event. Think about your activations in the same way. 
  4. At the same time, the Birkebeiner bridge, while expensive, must also be analyzed for its ability to generate buzz for the Super Bowl events in a way that leverages the "Bold North" theme. We're certain people will remember the days when snowmobiles jumped 30 feet high down Nicollet Avenue long after the bridge returns to its Wisconsin home. And it's hard to put an ROI on that kind of buzz. 

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