Five Essentials for Mobile Event Planning Apps.

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If you are a fan of Marvel Comics or DC movies, then you probably have an opinion on the best superpowers an action hero can have. While stuff like X-Ray vision is cool, the Superpower event manager simply must have something powerful in their hands. With this in mind, here is a brief-on-go checklist that every mobile event app today must have. 


Superpower Mobile Apps Have: 

1) Real-time show guides. Adaptable on the fly and updatable event agendas. 

2) LoSo Functions. Apps must have Local Social functions such as "proximity" networking and match-making. The best apps allow you to securely share data with key contacts at show by infrared and Bluetooth. 




3) Attendee Engagement. Today's "best-of-breed" apps give you dashboard view of attendee engagement. Powerful event managers know who attend which events, duration of attendance, key goals for follow-up and more.  

4) Actionable Leads. It's no longer enough to know what leads you are getting from an event, or even whether they are hot, warm or cold. Great apps apply decision logic (i.e. Boolean "either/or" logic) to score leads on metrics like a) previous engagement, b) downlaods c) buy cycle, d) role in company, e) size of budget and more. They also combine those leads with the rest of your Marketing and Sales data.

A merely "qualified" lead might have a simple H|W|C attached to it. A scored lead will have a percentage and will have been analyzed on numerous variables. There's a big difference. 

5) AIAdvancements in AI (Artificial Intelligence) are why today's mobile apps serve you actionable, qualified, ready-to-buy leads. Today's best apps will learn, analyze and lead you to conclusions. They work just like Siri, Cortana or other personal digital assistants to help you sort through what's important and what's not at your event. While it happens, not after. 

Truly powerful Event apps combine one or all of these features. While they can't quite muster the superpower number crunching capabilities of a full enterprise-class event management system yet, they can do some stuff that seems like yesterday's science fiction. 

Follow this checklist to make sure you have the right kind of power in your hands.