Story. An experiential success, um, Story.

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It's not often that we report a company acquisition on G2Blog, but this one is a must-read story. Macy's Inc. M, +0.00% said Wednesday that it has acquired Story, a New York City retailer that changes the store design and merchandise every four-to-eight weeks.  Here is a more in-depth version of how this innovative retail--and experiential--partner works. 

While Story is a retail company, the branding and experiential work they do for major retailers is a "best-of-breed" case study in how to create, and constantly recreate, the complete customer experience. Located in Manhattan, Story is currently also operating as a work space. Story's founder Rachel Shechtman has been named Macy's brand experience officer, focusing on in-store experience. Story will continue as usual with rotating themes. 

As a measure of success, it is worth noting that the "old-line" retailer Macy's shares are up 22% for the year to date while the S&P 500 index is down 0.7%. 

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