Stop Attending With Your Feet. Try a Webinar.

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A few toplines on webinars from our upcoming Whitepaper:

Marketing webinars are the simplest types of events to organize and manage. The registration form typically requires no more than a handful of fields and attendees are generally permitted to register right up until the time of the event. And yes, sometimes it pays to get a little nutsy on camera to capture people's attention. 

These are normally free, so there is no ecommerce component to manage. They are short (30-60 minutes) and online so there is no real-world venue, no limit (essentially) on the number of attendees, and no physical credential required—just a code to access the webinar.

Webinars may be used at the top of the funnel to generate new sales leads, or as a middle-of-the-funnel channel to help educate prospective buyers and move them along through the sales process. Because there is zero incremental cost in adding each attendee, targeting is broad and webinars themselves are promoted through multiple channels, including organic content marketing, email, social media, banner ads, and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

Webinars may be presented by brand marketers or by marketing professionals in conjunction with subject matter experts, key influencers, industry analysts, or customers.

The tools most commonly used for webinar registration are webcasting platforms such as WebEx, GoToWebinar, or; or a webinar platform in conjunction with a company's CRM software or simple ticketing system like Eventbrite or Eventzilla. G2Planet's own software platforms are set up to administer webinars as well.