Show Up. Check In. Tune Out. When Experiential Goes Wrong.

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It may come as a surprise to event marketers how quickly attendees “tune out” during events. Just because your audience is there does not mean that they are held captive by your presentations – there are many other reasons they might be there, including the chance to score free drinks, great food and get a fully paid getaway for the price of watching a few presentations they can study later online.

Successful events are not about giving your audience an escape, they’re about engaging them. This is where Data-Driven Enterprise Event Planning can assure your attendees remain fully involved and deliver the outcomes you seek from your event.

The Poster Child for Experiential Programs

Experiential programs drive attendee engagement at events. While most events today offer a great “user experience,” automotive events are the poster child for experiential programs. Since the Autoramas of the 1950s, event marketing has been driven, in part, by innovations in the automotive space. Today you can continue to analyze the automotive space to see how the boundaries of engagement are being pushed—primarily by data.

A Data Driven Enterprise Planning (DEEP) platform allows event managers to collect sales leads and create hand raisers, dealer pass-alongs and perhaps the quintessential user experience: the Ride & Drive. You can learn more about how these work by downloading our e-book here.

DEEP Platforms are also used in the automotive market to capture demographics, purchase horizon information, consumer preferences on price points, likes/dislikes, hobbies and other data points to generate an exceptionally detailed picture of attendees.

The world's top automotive manufacturers have used this data for years to navigate changes in consumer attitudes and buying behaviors. This data is also used to make more accurate sales forecasts, plan activations, arrange merchandise and better understand their prospects' preferences. All to heighten the user experience and deepen engagement.

If You Can Make It Here...

You don't need to sell cars to utilize the experiential insights gained from automotive events. While a typical Ride & Drive has more risk than playing a video game at a computer conference, it is remarkable how quickly the two are converging. In fact, its getting hard to tell the navigation system in a new car from the multi-player controls on a gaming console.

But whether your attendee is playing Fall Out or piloting a real Ferrari, they are demanding customized experiences—that require data to work. That might be as complex as a VR tour of the Brickyard at Indy or as simple as mounting in-vehicle cameras that create high res GIFs that are shared on social channels to extend engagement beyond the show floor.

Gone are the days when a nice looking car, a souped up computer, a sharp looking boat or even the latest financial guru as a your keynote is enough to hold attendee attention. As events become more complex, you will need better data to pull away from the pack and push user engagement to the next level.

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