Selling Tickets Online. What's In Your Bucket?

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Selling tickets online today is a cinch. While numerous point solutions exist for selling tickets, it is important that they are interoperable with your event planning software, otherwise you're never going to "shoot par" when it comes to hitting targets.  

While they are as many point solutions for selling tickets out there as there are events (only a mild overstatement!) here are a few tips to follow when you are sourcing out software to sell tickets online. 

  1. Make sure your platform can track sales inventories, and incoming orders. 
  2. Make sure you can always attend to all clients--i.e. don't let a spike in sales for one client affect another. 
  3. Assure your software integrates with your online ordering system (if you have one) so that you can analyze the metrics for the entire selling function. 
  4. If ticket sales grow exponentially (i.e. your event becomes even more popular than you planned) make sure the software is flexible to accommodate this spike in business. 
  5. This final point is related to point 4 -- make sure you have a robust and advanced host with fast and reliable servers, so that things don't slow down (online) as your event expands. 

It's Monday so we think a short post here is just the ticket for busy event managers like you. Par for the course.