Three Different Event Marketing Resources You Need to Explore 

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Information can come in all different shapes and sizes - whether it be podcasts, infographics, or blogs like the one you're reading now. Below, we've highlighted three different resources in three different formats, for you to choose what best works for you.

The first is a pdf document that goes in-depth into content marketing benchmarks, budgets, and trends to see what content marketing success looks like, and how to effectively stand out from the crowd. This slide deck makes for an easy yet informative read as it highlights statistics, gleans value, and makes recommendations.

The second resource is a podcast with Joe Colangelo, the CEO and co-founder of Bear Analytics. In this episode, John Federico and Joe discuss the strategic and practical value of your event data.

Our third resource is another blog post focused on sustainability, and how to address social and environmental sustainability issues at trade shows. With concise yet detailed writing, it brings a new perspective to an often overlooked subject. 

Our fourth and final resource is our own whitepaper, titled Platforms for Propriety Success. It's written around the discussion of platforms vs. products for event management. To download this free, in-depth whitepaper, click on its cover below!

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