Reflections on your Birthday letter to our Company

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My wife writes letters to our children every year on their birthdays and puts them in a keepsake box for their future treasure.

I love that she does this and see the many benefits she is giving herself with the journaling. Moreover, I love the gift she is giving our children allowing them to better understand from whence they came, and to feel even more love and appreciation for their mom when they are older.  

As I reflect on G2Planet’s birthday last month, I thought I’d do something similar - write a letter to our Company sharing observations and highlighting milestones achieved over the past year.  

Happy Birthday G2Planet!

You are 16 years old now, G2Planet, and with every month that goes by you make me more proud of your accomplishments and more excited for your future. One of the things I’m most proud of is that you are 100% organic, totally and completely created from the requests of customers. In short, you were built by your customers. With no outside capital to distract or dissuade you from your covenants, you have been a loyal child listening intently on how to make your customers happy.  And happy they are. You’ve been helping Cisco since 2002, Intel since 2003, and Citrix since 2004.  Over 12 years later, these 3 companies are among your most important customers. Congratulations, you’ve done very well with ‘being in serve’ to your clients, putting their priorities above your own, being loyal, and keeping your focus on long-term relationships.

G2Planet Badge Printing Solution Circa 2004
Your EventCENTRAL, EventMAX, and Automotive Industry solutions took huge steps forward this past year.  With EventCENTRAL you are providing corporate enterprises and forward-thinking companies a truly unique solution that is helping them improve the way they run their business of event marketing. Nobody has done that before like this, and people are starting to take notice. Your new Budgeting module is really helpful, the CEU Certification module is adding significant value. Large corporations finally now have a way to better coordinate event strategy and planning across their enterprise.  

An Early G2Planet Cisco Implementation on Palm Pilot

EventMAX is in the process of getting a makeover in regards to better implementation processes and practices. Your ‘white glove’ approach to service remains unaltered, but you are now getting the structure you need. This structure is helping make these high-end, complex implementations more streamlined and less hectic.  The results are already being felt by your clients and agency partners alike. Two clients that left you to try other solutions have now come back. What does that tell you? And I see you are humbled by their return while working harder than ever to ensure they never leave you again. Be proud of the way you are carrying yourself through this process, G2Planet, and keep-up the focus on gratitude. You now have 24 integrated modules in the EventMAX family, very impressive.


G2Planets First Automotive Lead Capture System in 2003

Your Automotive Industry solutions are the best in the marketplace. The breadth of your offerings now includes advancements to your already leading-edge Ride & Drive system, shuttle driver scanning and tracking system, in-vehicle mounted computers for gamification along with photo and/or GIF capture, social media amplification, and of course your tried and true lead capture system you've been implementing since December 2003. Your new 'Lift Reports' with Ride & Drives are giving concrete, data driven evidence of the value of these activations. This is empowering clients to better demonstrate their contributions to downward movement in the sales funnel. Mazda has been a wonderful addition to your client family, much appreciation to Kathy, Tami, Ron, Jim, Margo and many others for making this relationship so awesome. My wife and I are so grateful for Mazda being the client they are, that when it came time to buy a new car for the family, we bought a CX-5.


Lastly, this note would not be complete without talking about the team of people that call G2Planet their employer. These are good, hard working people with Midwestern values that simply want to be helpful. They are smart, fun and laugh a lot. In addition to doing great work for your clients they get together for outings such as baseball games, boat rides on the Mississippi River, attending the State Fair together, and supporting teammates as they play in musical bands. Each one of your employees is a shareholder, which furthers their already powerful commitment towards your success. In the end I think your employees are your most important assets, as they successfully define the products your clients are requesting, deliver your solutions to clients on-time and within budget, and they do it with a true sense of service.

 Again...Happy 16th Birthday, G2Planet. May this coming year be your best one yet!