Planetary Ramblings: 7 “Facts” Behind G2Planet's New Look.

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G2Planet has a new look and logo. Because you are likely a creative type, you can also appreciate that the journey to a new look and feel is little like interplanetary travel — or a voyage of discovery. With that mind, here are a few things we learned on our journey:

1. Purple was originally chosen as a corporate color after an exhaustive spectrometric analysis of WIRED magazine covers showed it to be the most used hue. 

G2Planet corporate identity inspiration

    - Others still believe its because our founder just really liked Prince (RIP).

2. Green was removed and replaced with light blue in our corporate palette after it was shown that purple butterfly wings look great with light blue.

    - If you don't believe us, go here.

3. The name "Planet" was also kept because it makes a great blog title, like "Planet G," or "Galactic Gab" or a myriad of options under current consideration.

    ...or a myriad of other options under current consideration

4. That 1972 was when the logos for bathrooms and the other stick figures you see all over the world today on signs started at the Munich Olympics in 1972.

    - And they had the coolest looking posters which we attempted to emulate with our own         corporate pictures.

5. That the Munich Olympics are pretty much the coolest Graphic System developed in the past 50 years except for the Mexico Olympics in 1968.

    - And while we really thought about getting inspiration from 1968 we realized with a name         like G2Planet, some might already think we're a little too far out.

6. That having clients in the Bluest of Blue Chip enterprises like Intel, Cisco and Citrix does not mean they favor a "Brooks Brothers" approach to event planning. 

    - They are more wasabi than wing tips and prefer a certain origami-like creativity from their       technologies.

7. That our clients were the best reason for the journey. And if you really don't like our new look...well, you'll have to take it up with them. 

    - Onward!

What do you think of our new corporate identity? Drop a line and let us know!

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