24 Event Blogs to Follow. Part One: The Pond-Hoppers.

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We've previously showcased 20 Best Event Industry Blogs to Follow and 11 More of the Best Event Industry Blogs to Follow.  We've also showcased numerous  associations which provide education and networking opportunities, podcasts to listen to on the go, and live events designed for event pros.

# FOMO? 5 Steps to No Mo!

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Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) is the zeitgeist of business. Recently, however, I have finally gotten my proverbial you-know-what-together and no longer feel that I am missing out on anything.

Till then I suggest you follow everything I say below if you want to lick your FOMO over marketing automation. (Because nothing else really matters in marketing these days.)

The Top 22 Live Events Worldwide for Event Professionals

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This is a follow up to our previous post on the top live events. Today we cover events overseas which are just as lively as scene on these shores...

Events in the UK and Ireland


M&IT Awards @EventsEducation London

The Top 31 Live Events in the U.S. for Event Professionals

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We begin our list of the top events in the United States for event professionals. By week's end we will have covered all the essential events for you to attend worldwide. It's a challenge to stay ahead of the game here for a variety of reasons.  

The Biggest Influencers On The Largest Trends. (First in a series).

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When you ask more than two dozen top events industry professionals for their insights on technology trends, the answers (no surprise) are fascinating.

5 Tools for Killer Content

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A great post from Social Media Today on tools to analyze the effectiveness of your content.  The post claims that marketing departments use "at least 5 tools to analyze the effectiveness of content" which is overkill. Seriously. A single human being that understands their audience is just as effective as an online tool. 

Yet, it never hurts to add an edge...

7 Tips to a superior Ride & Drive. Includes FREE download.

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At G2Planet, we believe ride & drives are the most impactful type of event activation in automotive event marketing. Once you have defined the basic technology platform for your ride & drive program, you can enhance the ride & drive experience by leveraging smarter software technology.

Your guest's impression of the ride & drive event will be directly impacted by the smart technology used to produce the event. We have provided 7 tips to create a more impactful ride & drive program for your guests.

"It's your loss."

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The Top 22 Professional Associations for Event Planners.

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(NOTE: This article originally appeared in Corporate Event News, January 9, 2019).

Choosing the Right Event Speaker. 7 Key Influencers Weigh In: Part Two.

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The Top Event Planners in the industry share their thoughts on choosing the perfect speaker for every event. Hint: It's not just about Speakers Bureaus. 

Choosing The Right Event Speaker. 7 Key Influencers Weigh In: FULL BIOS.

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When your prospective corporate event guests are evaluating which events to attend, the destination and quality of networking certainly matter. But the single most important factor is the value of the education, the content you will deliver.

The Events Expert Interview Series #29: Trevor Foley

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We've been interviewing expert event professionals in our industry, and sharing their insights, advice, and unique experiences. This week, we share insights from Trevor Foley, founder and managing director of tfconnect—an event organiser and global talent network for the events industry. With more than two decades of experience in events, leading both industry associations and his own agency, Trevor has a unique perspective on this segment.