Experiential Marketing goes "Virtual" at the LA Auto Show

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As the LA Auto Show wraps up, we’ll be spending a few days sorting through all the stories our very own G2P reporters have uncovered. A few highlights include this Virtual Reality booth sponsored by Volkswagen for their I.D. line of electric cars and crossovers. While this VR experience was cool to see in action, it was lightly attended on the opening day of the show.

Enterprise Marketing Software Platforms [With Video]

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When event marketing spans the extent of your enterprise, organization and planning are critical to capturing all of the value. Using an enterprise software tool can help:

Design Language at Events

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Our staff is at the LA Auto Show this week. One of the more fascinating aspects of this kind of show is the design "language" that each automotive brand displays. Unlike some events, that can be a hodgpodge of different sized booths, table top displays, kitschy giveaways and more, a world-class event like the LA Auto Show is seamlessly designed from start to finish. 

The Business of Events Whitepaper: Using Technology to Unleash the Strategic Value of Events

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A whitepaper that dives into the ways that companies can unleash the strategic value of events:

At G2Planet we understand that using technology is essential to centralize, simplify, and organize by using data to effectively manage events. This is what platforms like EventCENTRAL, our multi-platform management system, do best. Our goal, is for planners to spend the maximum amount of time crafting the perfect experience, rather than getting held back by the operational details. Our latest effort has been creating a whitepaper that discusses how event planners can utilize events as a pillar of their marketing strategy.

G2Planet Platforms Overview [With Video]

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G2Planet offers three platforms to our clients

  • EventCENTRAL: to help run your business of event marketing
  • EventMAX: single event production
  • EventAUTO: tailored to the automotive industry

These platforms serve to support you by providing the tools you need to maximize your event returns. Every data point is captured for your future use, allowing you to boost the impact of your events.

Total Turkeys: The Trend Towards "Ugly" Websites

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Talk about contrarian thinking... Believe it or not, there is a trend in the promotion business today towards "brutalist" web design. This is the simple, ugly HTML aesthetic that continues to drive the “User Experience” of sites like Craigslist, Drudge Report, and to some extent, even Google itself.

Deriving Value from Events [With Video]

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Marketing events can be massive beasts to deal with, but you can’t let that hamper their effectiveness. To make everything manageable, you must focus on:

Get Your Geek On: Event Planning Display Technology.

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This has probably happened to you. You’ve just downloaded all the footage from your latest event and you realize half of your audience is asking for 4k resolution, and they want it all in two days. Your first response might be “I don’t follow, why do we need 4k videos? And what exactly is 4k anyway?”

Auto Shows, Awesome Data, & More

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While  this article in Forbes magazine is written for consumers, it showcases the value of the data collected from driving. Ride and Drives are a great way to collect data on consumer preferences that automakers can use to fine tune the consumer experience. Some manufacturers are taking things a step further by mounting cameras in the cars to snap video and gifs that can be shared instantly online by the driver (not while driving, of course).

Data Driving Automotive Events [With Video]

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Marketing events - ride and drives in particular - are an incredibly powerful source of data. It's possible to capture all of these data points so that they can be put to good use - improving your company and building upon the work that you've already done.

Off the Chess Board, Into Your Event: Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Real World

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Pick up any magazine or read any business blog and they’ll tout Artificial Intelligence (AI). Like every other new thing, however, it pays to separate perceptions from reality.

Facebook Is On Washington's Radar. Is Your Event Next?

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Facebook has had quite a week in Congress. As they testify about the 2016 election and the preponderance of "fake news," etc., it pays to take a step back and question what the end result might be for the internet. Imagine, for example, if Facebook and associated large social media sites were regulated like public utilities--what would that mean for the business of event marketing? Would it make it easier or more complex?