Maximizing Events on Three Levels [With Video]

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Modern enterprise event marketing platforms can do many things. While any platform can help you cover the basics, a data-driven platform can help you maximize all opportunities.

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B2B Marketing Tricks For Maximizing Event ROI

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According to Certain’s Event Marketing Benchmark Report, over half of B2B marketers spend 25% or more of their budget on in-person events. Whether a large conference, regional seminar, or intimate dinner, events take a lot of resources from both the marketing and sales teams to pull off.

With that much invested, it’s critical that event leads convert to measurable sales pipeline. However, unlike digital programs in which leads flow smoothly through measurable nurture stages and into sales’ hands, events create a messy, manual data problem from start to finish. And this problem can’t be solved without a high level of participation from the sales team itself.

Below are some tricks we’ve found help keep marketing and sales in lock-step surrounding events, regardless of how much wine is consumed. If you're left wanting more tips at the end of this post, consider checking out this webinar.

Original Post by Kate Athmer.


Enterprise Event Management. Lessons with Mr. Spock.

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Some of us at G2Planet are big fans of Star Trek. While we don’t take this fascination to the level of Cosplay, we do find inspiration from the show for our daily lives as event planning software programmers.

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Enterprise Event Management Whitepaper: Driving Success With Data [With Video]

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A whitepaper that examines the criteria for good automotive event management software, and gives a complete picture of event marketing technology solutions available to the automotive industry. 

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How Outstanding Event Marketing Boosts Brand Awareness [Infographic]

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Here’s an unexpected marketing strategy—go rent a house and paint it pink.

That’s exactly how Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz transformed his album release into a powerful brand storytelling opportunity.

To prepare for the release of Pretty Girls Like Trap Music, he rented a house at 1530 Howell Mill Road in Atlanta and painted it pink to match the cover of his new album. The inside of the house was decorated with hip-hop inspired art featuring work by local artists and paintings of Atlanta landmarks. Dubbed the Trap House, the Berkeley Park home first offered a pop-up nail salon where people could get their nails done for free. When this gained little traction, 2 Chainz shifted the focus of the house to offering community services like free HIV testing, painting classes, and church services. The physical Pink Trap House went viral on social media and became a must-see attraction for Atlanta locals and visitors. During the campaign, #TrapHouse was tagged over 300K times on Instagram.

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Enterprise Event Management: Controlling Expenses

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Keeping track of event expenses is a little like filling a laundry basket. The more efficiently you can organize colors from whites, singles from separates, and so on and so forth, the tidier everything will turn out in the end.

One of the benefits of the Data Driven Enterprise Event Management is that your expenses can be easily categorized, analyzed and tracked in real-time. DEEP tools also allow you to aggregate all your data so you can mine it for insights. This process will frequently reveal smaller expenses that can make a big difference in your overall ability to control expenses and costs.

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Enterprise Event Management Whitepaper: Platforms for Proprietary Events

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A whitepaper that examines the neccesity of using a flexible platform for managing events.

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Enterprise Event Management Whitepaper: The Role of The Ecosystem

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A whitepaper looking at event planning technologies that integrate easily with an organization's larger marketing stack.

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Event Data. The Last Massive Mine, Hiding in Plain Sight.

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We are in the third decade of a modern gold rush to mine corporate data. As multidimensional data analysis (MDA) continues to accelerate, the hunt has intensified to find new “seams” to explore.

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How to Collect Data at Your Next Event Part 1 [Infographic]

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For event planners, 2017's dominant narrative has focused on collecting and analyzing data. Visit any event related blog (ours included) and you will find a bunch of articles prostelyzing the neccisity of taking a data-driven attitude, typical to digital marketing, and applying it to event management.

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