Event Marketing & Data-Driven Enterprise Event Planning: First Thoughts

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The event marketing industry has no shortage of experts to guide purchasing decisions. On a micro-economic level the industry is currently saturated with enough cloud-based vendors and platforms to reduce risks of making “bad” decisions in the near future.

What differentiates an enterprise decision — or multi-event, multi-location — from proprietary, single event or meeting planning is that the future matters. The technology adapted at the enterprise level must remain agile, modular and most of all extensible enough to accommodate a fickle business landscape. It needs to fit seamlessly into your marketing stack, it needs to play easily with marketing automation systems and must not become a boat anchor when the technology tides shift.

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G2Planet Launches New Site and Brand "Look"

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CORTE MADERA, CA, April 6, 2017: Since G2Planet first brought maps to mobile devices almost two decades ago, the company has pioneered the use of data to create produce and track events.  G2Planet’s new website, launched today, captures the innovative spirit of this joyfully disruptive company.  

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3 Follow Up Must-Do's After Every Ride & Drive Event

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After your ride & drive program wraps up, you can just feel the weight lift off your shoulders. However, before you get too relaxed there is still critical follow up work to be done after the ride & drive  concludes. We have identified 3 post - ride & drive best practices you should follow to help maximize engagement and CRM accuracy. 

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Creating an Ecosystem to Make Event Management “Uneventful”

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Imagine this scene at your next event. The floor activity is electric. People are swapping the latest technologies, the registration booth is abuzz and smart cards are being swiped to capture new leads every second. You smile and realize that this is the kind of “productive pandemonium” that only a skilled event planner can appreciate.

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5 Reasons to Break Up with Your Event Planning Agency (And 1 Reason Not To)

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Figure One: "How-To" for an old haircut


Some companies change event marketing partners as often as Justin Bieber used to changed his hair cut. While we realize busy event executives like you probably didn’t notice it, the Biebs’ has actually been lovin’ his new 'do for a year or two.                                                                         

So what changed? And what the heck does Justin Bieber have to do with ditching your event planning agency? 

Well, we can imagine that he got to “I do” with his new 'do by drawing up a list of reasons for why his old stylists had to go. In that same vein, allow G2Planet have a little fun with our own Top 5 reasons to ditch your current event agency … and one reason not to.

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7 Tips to Create a More Impactful Ride & Drive Event

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At G2Planet, we believe ride & drives are the most impactful type of event activation in automotive event marketing. Once you have defined the basic technology platform for your reide & drive program, you can enhance the ride & drive experience by leveraging smarter software technology.

Your guest's impression of the ride & drive event will be directly impacted by the smart technology used to produce the event. We have provided 7 tips to create a more impactful ride & drive program for your guests.

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Big Data. Get It on Your Calendar in 2017.

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There are many advantages to using one calendar to plan events across the enterprise. While the list can get quite extensive, here are a few “top-line” reasons it works:

  • You can analyze which shows it makes most sense for you to attend
  • You can optimize personnel scheduling to event activations
  • You can manage content creation through various input sources
  • You can publish extensively onto individual event calendars
  • You can customize event portfolios and roadmaps
  • You can improve event performance tracking, reporting, and analysis

While a single Enterprise Event Calendar provides all these benefits and more, there is even a bigger untapped advantage to get “on your calendar” in 2017: Big Data.

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9 Crucial Elements Needed in Every Ride & Drive Activation

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At G2Planet, we believe Ride & Drives are the most impactful type of event activation in automotive event marketing. We have identified 9 of the most important ride & drive technology elements you should account for when planning and implementing your Ride & Drive activation.

These 9 elements are broken down into 2 components. Outward Facing components (1-7) are the public side of the modules with which your guests interact with. Inward Facing components (8-9) are the behind-the-curtain modules that you and your production team use to produce a smarter event.

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How to Choose an Event Marketing Agency, Part 2: From Point Solutions to Platform

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In case you missed Part 1 of this post, check it out here!


Point Solutions. It’s a term that sounds actionable and positive. In practice, however, it can be the primary cause of a fragmented event marketing program.

PC Magazine defines a point solution as “solving one particular problem without regard to related issues. Point solutions are widely used to fix a problem or implement a new service quickly.1” The key words in this sentence are “without regards to other issues.”

We'd like to examine how they hinder instead of help the agencies that work on your business of event marketing, and why enterprise-wide technology systems in your event marketing department can overcome the problem. 

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Behind the Experience: BMC Engage 2016

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BMC Engage 2016

BMC Engage is an annual four-day global user conference that brings together BMC's IT community from around the world. BMC Engage 2016 was held from September 6th - 9th at the ARIA Convention Center in Las Vegas. It was the most successful event to date, with over 2,000 attendees present. Engage provides a forum for BMC and IT professionals such as administrators, developers, and architects to share how the power of technology can be leveraged to fundamentally transform businesses. This conference focuses on the tools, training, and technology that are currently driving today's digital transformation by featuring 300 technical sessions, 90+ customer sessions, as well as valuable opportunities to network with BMC's 170 ecosystem partners. 

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