Off the Chess Board, Into Your Event: Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Real World

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Pick up any magazine or read any business blog and they’ll tout Artificial Intelligence (AI). Like every other new thing, however, it pays to separate perceptions from reality.

The market for AI is growing rapidly and frequently misunderstood. The top two current offerings are Einstein on the Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Watson from IBM. Of the two systems, the Watson Content Hub available on the IBM Marketing Cloud offers some key advantages over competing systems.

Watson AI is “best-in-class” at interpreting “dark data” like images and videos so that it can know and understand every piece of content in its system. When deployed during an event, live videos and augmented photos can be organized with intuitive tags so that attendees automatically receive engaging, relevant content. It can even assess customers’ responses to your content, and make recommendations on how to make it perform better.

When you are running live blogging events, confabs, and social meet ups, the ability to capture and instantly categorize photos and videos is essential. AI can provide instant gratification as attendees will no longer have to wait to see their pictures and videos.

Beyond this example, however, AI can also be used to streamline the sheer volume of data generated by your events. When every visitor has a smart badge and every exhibitor has a lead capture device, the data on entry, exit, revisit, pre, post, dwell times, text opens, no shows, retweets, links and seminar attendance can get overwhelming. This is where AI—and Watson in particular—can help you create real-time rules that let only the best data "get through" so that you can make faster decisions using the most relevant information.

At the bottom line, your ability to lock down attendance in the future could hinge on using more Artificial Intelligence today. After all, while we’d like to work in a world where patience and rationality rule, the need for instant gratification will only grow.



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