Need Better Speakers? You Make the Call.

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As event professionals know, the speaker line up at your events can make or break attendance. That's why it makes sense to exploit your event management and planning software to the fullest in helping you generate a killer "Call for Speakers" capability.

A strong Call for Speakers" capability on your website allows thought leaders and industry influencers to submit ideas, whether it's a speaking proposal or submitting a paper for inclusion at a training event or conference. This site capability acts as a gateway to  collect submissions industry experts, then compiles those submissions onto a list where an internal-facing review board can evaluate the submissions and rank them based on relevant parameters, then decide which submissions to accept.

The communication and subsequent follow-up is automated. In the case of a "Call For Speakers," once a speaker is selected a site should automatically imports all of the topical and biographical data submitted by the speaker into the event agenda. It should then be automatically be displayed on the event web page and in the mobile app, for that breakout session.

This functionality to collect, organize, and rank submissions from outside your company, then automate follow-up communication and session details, can be used for any type of corporate event from a small educational road show to a mammoth annual customer conference.

Make sure your software platform offers it before you make your next move on a speaker.