Mazda's Experiential Marketing Strategy at SXSW 2016

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South by Southwest (SXSW) has become synonymous with inspiration. The annual festival held in Austin, Texas invariably showcases diverse and exciting innovations in music, film and interactive media. It’s no surprise that Mazda chose SXSW to create ‘inspiration at every turn.’ What a better place to tell a brand’s story through unique experiences and innovative interactions?

 Mazda SXSW 2016


Mazda's Inspiration at Every Turn Experiential Campaign

G2Planet would like to thank Mazda and is grateful to have helped them manage and execute their SXSW activities. Our solutions enabled Mazda to implement a fleet of cars and SUVs that shuttled thousands of riders all over Austin, interact with consumers through gamification and social-media sharing, deliver cutting-edge concert experiences at the Hype Hotel and the Mazda Recording Studio, and give away cool prizes at SXSW’s biggest stage.




Mazda’s brand penetrated all corners of SXSW in its entirety. Not only did they enhance the SXSW experience for 70,000+ attendees, they gained a better understanding and deeper insight into consumer preferences, captured actionable leads and appropriately placed them in sales and marketing campaigns. Additionally, they managed multi-faceted and complex operations and logistics, complied with internally-defined experiential marketing best practices, and achieved brand recognition and positioning through dozens of unique channels.


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