Maximizing Events on Three Levels [With Video]

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Modern enterprise event marketing platforms can do many things. While any platform can help you cover the basics, a data-driven platform can help you maximize all opportunities.

In the video below, I talk about the 3 levels of value that an event marketing and management platform like EventMAX provides. This post elaborates on what he means by “going beyond the basics” at each of those levels.




Level One: Logistics and Production.

An event platform should do more than help you capture registrations, printing badges and processing credit cards. To maximize production efficiencies and improve logistics, here are a few more “must-have” features to look for in an event management and marketing platform.

Use Apps to Customize the Experience

Events can be confusing to navigate “on the floor.” Make sure your platform enables you to incorporate apps so attendees can manage their event experience from their phone—and not just a paper calendar or magazine.

Get the Best Content on the Calendar

Another issue that can confuse potential attendees is the deluge of information they receive prior to an event—particularly when technical. A good platform allows you to organize and rank all submissions in one place with streamlined approval, ensuring your event has the most engaging content and that presentation schedules are coordinated accordingly.

A Site as Management Hub

Having a responsive website to drive show traffic is a cornerstone of any event platform. Your site should also “communications center” that can instantly reach anyone at your event, provide event wide notifications and deliver staff reminders to help streamline logistics.


Level Two: Business Process Improvements

Once you’ve “maximized” the basics, your event platform should deliver the next level of value. Here your event platform should help you answer questions like “how do I better manage my content?” or “how do I create a speaker calendar that nails it,” and “how do I interface with exhibitors and sponsors and handle customer service in a streamlined way?”.

Here are a few popular features that modern platforms use to put your mind at ease:

Agenda Builders and Social Networking

The old paper itinerary is a thing of the past for planning agendas. Today your platform will offer “real-time” agenda building tools that attendees can access across devices and include social functionality that allows attendees to send and receive meeting requests.

Speaker Management

The same tools can be used to simplify working with speakers by keeping their content and requirements organized and updated. Individual session attendance and interaction data can help your speakers tailor their content for future presentations, which is always appreciated.

Invitation Management

Make sure your speaker events are attended by qualified prospects by making it simple for your sales team to send invites with their CRM data.

Partner Portals

Finally, all good event platforms include an online portal for exhibitors, allowing them to purchase floor space, handle registration, rent lead retrieval devices and request additional information at a “one-stop” online location. 


Level Three: Maximize Value with Data

The highest level of value that an event platform can deliver is strategic. This is where a data-driven platform like EventMAX and others can really help you shine.

Once you have laid the framework for data collection with RFID and QR code enabled badges and wristbands to track attendee activity (and more) you can then integrate this critical live data with the rest of your marketing stack using flexible APIs to push data-generated insights throughout your enterprise. Some key data tools should include:

Surveys & Polling

Surveys deliver instant feedback on events that can be customized for future events. You should also be able to use live polls during sessions that allow presenters to tailor their content “on-the-fly.”

Location Tracking

Long range scanners activated by proximity to attendee badges allow you to track traffic patterns on the floor and capture valuable insights into attendee behavior.

Prospect Visibility

Enable sales professionals to forge strong connections with prospects during events by giving them real-time data on attendee activity and more.

Post-Show Attendee “Personas”

A very popular feature on some platforms is the ability to assemble an attendee’s session notes and survey/poll responses into a single report. With the appropriate permissions, you can also use this data to create power “personas” for on-going marketing and sales engagements.

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