Magic Leap and the Future of Experiential Marketing

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The incredibly hyped Magic Leap has finally, after many years, introduced their first product to the market. Of course, it is not available yet (given the secrecy and typical over-hyped tech start up tricks employed by this company). While we're going to have to see if the wait is worth it, the smart experiential marketer needs to understand the potential of Magic Leap and augmented reality. Magic Leap's claim is that they will reinvent computing and the computer as we know it by offering a virtual operating system. The key to their hyped-up promise is that their technology will provide the first fully workable 3-D computing experience. According to Magic Leap, the computational machine of the future will be a headset instead of a computer.

The big promise for experiential marketing is that ML will provide a fully immersive 3D experience that augments, but does not replace, reality. Imagine, if you will, a game like Pokémon Go (the big flame out of 2016) but with true full motion, over-the-top graphics appearing from the wall, the ceiling or the floor--while you are looking at the physical world (and not a purely virtual world in a clunky headset). This type of virtual reality on steroids experience is the reason that the new Magic Leap headset actually looks the marriage of a Walkman with really big John Lennon glasses.

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While Magic Leap is a long way from being a major source of data collection for you, learn more about how technology can unlock the strategic value of your events by downloading this free, in-depth whitepaper:

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