"It's your loss."

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Hello, Chris here. I edit G2Planet Blog along with a few amazing people. I wanted to share a conversation I had with a job seeker the other day. This person was an accomplished individual in a mid-life career crisis of sorts. Tech savvy. Not a dinosaur. Or so I thought. 

I proposed that she investigate event planning as a career choice. I told her that the field is booming and a true growth industry for driven, motivated tech savvy people like her. 

"I don't want to do event planning," she said. 

Because I know this person, I told her "well it's your loss, especially if you want a job in Silicon Valley..." I told her about the unicorns in this industry, the opportunity for travel and, most of all, the ability to perfect the customer experience under challenging conditions. You know, the kind that make marketing managers sitting in airless offices look like couch potatoes.

Then I stopped. I suddenly remembered something I had written in my High School Yearbook:

“Live for the moment, keep the future in mind. If you live in the past you’ll leave the future behind.”

And I turned to file another post.