It Goes to 11. The Best Podcasts for Event Pros in 2019.

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If it seems everybody and their brother has a podcast today, you are correct. Podcasts are exploding in popularity, especially for event pros. There are so many great podcasts that we have simply blown past a Top 10 and taken it to 11. (Spinal Tap association intended.)

Numbers aside, what is really interesting about this years' list is that some pundits are claiming that podcasts may be taking over blogs as a means of getting industry news and information. 

Blogs are ideal for presenting and learning complex information, especially in visual formats (such as infographics, charts, and graphs). They are effective when you're at your desk, at a coffee shop, or in any location where it's convenient to read.

Podcasts, on the other hand, provide more flexibility, and can be listened to while driving (when reading is dangerous, ill-advised, and generally illegal); running or working out; riding on a plane, bus, or train; or in other situations where reading is either impossible or impractical.

The research that claims podcasts are becoming more popular than blogs, include a number of reasons, such as that podcasts:

  • create a connection between the content producer and content consumer on a more personal level;
  • save time;
  • permit multitasking;
  • work well for long-form content; and
  • are compatible with smart speakers.

For event professionals, both formats are likely to remain popular well into the future, given the unique strengths of each platform. But podcasts will probably increase in popularity because of their ease of use while on the go (and event professionals seldom sit still).

NOTE: We published a post a while back about The Four Best Events Industry Podcasts You Should be Listening To. But like the events industry itself, the number of informative and entertaining podcasts for event professionals continues to grow! So check out this revised and expanded roundup.

  1. The @EventNewsBlog Podcast

Host James Dickson interviews a broad spectrum of leading figures in the events industry on topics like RFID and contactless payments, event live streaming, how to measure success, managing multi-lingual events, the impact of GDPR, and more. Don't miss his discussion about trends in enterprise event management with G2Planet founder and CEO Mark Granovsky.

  1. #EventIcons

Each week, Will Curran, Lindsay Martin Bilbrey, Alex Plaxen and/or Brandt Krueger talk to guests (usually at least two; sometimes three or four or...) about subjects ranging from event security to hiring event staff to chatbots, furniture, choosing venues, and more.

  1. GatherGeeks Podcast by BizBash

David Adler, CEO of BizBash, and (the brilliant but impossible to reach) editor in chief Beth Kormanik discuss event technology, agencies, strategy, planning, speakers, and more with event experts from around the globe.

  1. The Exposure Podcast

Hosts Dana Freker Doody and Todd Carruth talk to event industry leaders about topics like event strategy, branding, exhibit design, influencer marketing, speaking, activations, and much more.

Producing an events-focused podcast on a regular basis is hard work. Several podcasts that have made it onto other similar lists as this—including the Event Tech Podcast, Techsytalk Unscripted, Turn of Events, and The Savvy Event Planner—have gone dormant or "on hiatus" since 2016.

With the increasing popularity of podcasting, one or more of those may be revived and new event industry podcasts may be launched. But for now, the four above are the best podcast playlist additions for busy event professionals.

  1. The Meeting Minds

Each week, hosts Charles Eide and Lisa Mendenhall Johnson talk to event industry pros on The Meeting Minds about topics like event tech, entertainment, decor, venues, logistics, leadership, and more.

  1. The Events Podcast

Dan Taylor of AppsEvents talks to event professionals about how they plan, promote, and run their events.

  1. Event CEO Podcast

A podcast for CEOs and Event Executives looking to maximize their event ROI through business strategy, technology, trends, and innovation, hosted by Rebecca Linder, Founder and CEO of Linder Global Events

  1. #InsideEvents Podcast

Launched in July 2019, this video podcast hosted by Swapcard covers a wide range of event-related topics with top event pros, with the aim to save meeting and event professionals time learning about the latest news and key personalities in the industry.

  1. Event Tech Podcast

Host Brandt Krueger reports on what's new in event tech, from WiFi and event apps to artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), facial recognition and more. He's usually joined by Will Curran and occasionally by special guests.

  1. RE:EVENT Podcast

On each twice-monthly podcast episode, William Thomson talks to a leading pro in the events industry about tips, tricks, and techniques to help event planners improve themselves and their events.

  1. Plan It on a Post-It Podcast

Naomi Tucker interviews top events experts in this podcast for eventprofs who are looking to become better leaders and also maintain their work-life balance.

Previous posts here have highlighted 20 of the best event industry blogs to follow as well as 11 more of the best events blogs, for event pros that want to stay on top of everything new and current.