Intelligent Email: The Smartest New Idea in Event Marketing

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Forbes Magazine recently featured an interview with Vivek Sharma, CEO of intelligent content pioneer Movable Type. As the article states, if you are still focused on infrastructure and list creation with emails, you are overlooking the fundamental building block to your success - smarter content.

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Bad Email vs. Brilliant 

While the concept goes by many different terms today, the essential idea behind intelligent content is that you have messaging that is instantly and infinitely customizable for your user - depending upon their location and "context".

Today it is possible to allow each email your customer opens to be customized by their physical location while leveraging content from your own website. By automating these functions at the point of delivery, you'll never have to settle for sending a tone-deaf email to your attendees again.

Behavioral Data and Machine Learning

While the practice is not yet widespread, it is also possible today to incorporate "behavioral data" into your smart content. When used in strict accordance with ICANN standards, such data can convey a clairvoyant tone to your messaging.

When such behavioral data is combined with "deep" or machine learning, it can virtually guarantee that your emails will not only be opened but acted upon in accordance with your goals.

Platforms like Movable Type and others help you pull data from CRM, Social Media, CSV files, and APIs into a single dashboard and "pick and place" it into your emails. You can also specify alerts for your recipients to customize messages based on location, context, and more.

Movable Type often points to the breakout examples for Palace Sports and Entertainment to describe how this works.

Called "The Interactive Gameday Guide" created for the Detroit Pistons, this series of "smart messages" featured live scores and stats updated every time a fan opened an email combined with game-day information with live traffic, onsite merchandise offerings, upcoming Pistons games, and targeted mobile messaging.

Platforms like Movable Type can be layered on top of many of the most popular ESP (Email Service Provider) offerings today.

Smart, but not Shangri-La

Before you rush out to gird your great event marketing ideas with "Intelligent Content" it pays to take a step back and realize that a poorly executed email can still turn people off.

While new school platforms like these are incredibly useful for generating targeted messaging, the old school skills of copywriting and creative direction remain equally essential.

 For an example of an "Intelligent Email", take a look at this example from Moveable Type.