IBM Watson Says "Know Where Customers Open Your Emails"

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We've been publishing insights from IBM Watson on what makes digital marketing more effective--from a qualitative standpoint. This week we focus on the first insight from their 2018 Digital Marketing Benchmark Report.

For a deeper dive into email best practices, check out our new whitepaper:

Events, Email and Beyond

Understand where customers are opening your emails.

Is your customer opening your email on their desktop? If so, it’s important to ensure that your templates render correctly on platforms like Outlook or Lotus Notes. If they’re on their cell phone, take note of the frequently shorter attention span to integrate quick trigger messages for a specific action or a reason to further engage. If they need to be on a computer to register but open your emails on their phone, consider upgrading your ticketing event system, or prompt them to set a reminder for a time when they’re at a desktop.